Weekend Activities

Not sure how to keep everyone engaged this weekend? The PTO’s got you covered! Check out our list of printable activities and online explorations to keep little hands engaged and imaginations firing on all cylinders.
Quick-and-Easy Creative Writing
This printable activity from 826digital.com invites kids to invent a recipe and create their own how-to mini-booklet.
PRINTABLE: Print-and-fill mini-booklet template to bring made-up recipes to life
• MORE TO EXPLORE: Discover creative-writing inspiration at 826digital.com (free registration)
Arts & Crafts: Yarn Dog
Have a stash of yarn and a creative kid? Check out the video and illustrated step-by-step instructions for an adorable shaggy shih-tzu. 
VIDEO & ILLUSTRATED HOW-TO: video and illustrated step-by-step instructions for an adorable shaggy shih-tzu.
• SUPPLIES: Yarn, glue, paper cup or toilet-paper roll, add-ons for eyes (instructions show how to make them on a 3D printer)
Snowflake Math
It might snow this weekend…it might not. Either way, snow-themed puzzles “add up” to math-y fun on these printable puzzle pages, from Susan Morrow at https://keepemthinking.com/
PRINTABLE WORKSHEET: 12 snow-themed number puzzles (+ answer sheets!)
• MORE TO EXPLORE: KeepEmThinking.com, the source for this activity, has a blog, shop, and resource library full of educational activities.
Virtual Travel: British Library Harry Potter Exhibit
Potter fans rejoice: The British Library’s special exhibition dives into the art, inspiration, and storytelling at the heart of Hogwarts—and dive into the library’s archives to add even more to the story.
ONLINE EXPLORATION: special exhibition about Harry Potter-related art and inspirationDeep dive into the library’s archives to discover more magical material
VIDEO: Go behind the scenes for an insider’s tour! (7 minutes)
…And one very important activity for the grown-ups:If you haven’t already, please help the PTO with your donation! Your gift supports all Lawrence students and your fellow Lawrence families. When it comes to brighter days ahead, we’re wishing on stars…and counting on you.

More activities are on the PTO’s new online resource, At-Home Fun. Check back often…and have fun!
The PTO’s Annual Appeal Is Going On Now!
Our sky is looking bright! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated already to the Lawrence Legacy Fund during our Annual Appeal.
The PTO’s Lawrence Legacy Fund lets our school operate beyond its budget—especially important during times of district-wide shortfalls. It provides classroom stipends to give our kids the best materials. It funds professional development and new curricula, helping teachers respond to changing student needs and academic best practices. It expands our library collections to bring relatable representation to every classroom. It even helps our masks fit a little better. And it’s all funded by annual donations from you—Lawrence families. This year especially, fundraising opportunities are fewer, while expenses are higher…so we need your help more than ever. Please give today! 

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