We Are From Lawrence

At the beginning of the school year, many teachers encourage their students to write “I Am From” poems.  Through these poems, students share who they are, traditions they celebrate, special memories, favorite foods, passions, and proud moments.  I love walking through the Lawrence hallways in September, reading the posted poems, and discovering how different children have chosen to introduce themselves.  When I still taught in a classroom, I used to write my own “I Am From” poem every summer.  I shared my own story with students before I asked them to share their stories with me.  Now, with September long past, the school year is almost over and so is my time at Lawrence.  As I come closer to beginning my journey as principal, I find my mind wandering.  I think constantly about the days ahead: about being in a new location with new colleagues.  But I also think constantly about my six years at the Lawrence School: about the incredible memories I have made and community we have fostered.  So for my last newsletter column, it seemed fitting that I record my thoughts in a “We Are From” poem.

We are From

We are from Lawrence School.
A safe, just, and caring community that truly believes actions speak louder than words.
A school where students, staff, and families are part of a vibrant learning environment with high expectations for academic excellence.

 We are from a K-8 experience that values the whole child.
Where five year olds are nurtured and supported as they begin to develop their love of learning to teen-agers who are provided the independence and support they need to take appropriate risks to discover their passions and identities.
From a school which values social-emotional learning and believes in class meetings. From Kindness circles to advisory. 

 We are from a busy school day where educators are facilitators that structure children’s learning which has them listening, speaking, reading, writing and always thinking.
Where children are in guided reading groups, with math partners, in scientist groups discussing how wind turbines work, performing role plays about historical figures, debating over the constitution, in inquiry groups trying to figure out how the brain works, preparing a piece of music in band for community meeting, engaged in writer’s workshop recording their thoughts in journals, and so much more!

 We are from the Lawrence School where tradition is strong.
From the Halloween Parade to Family Fun Night /International Night.
We value the arts and enjoy the Kindergarten spring concert, Recorderpalooza in grade three up to the band, chorus and orchestra performances.
From Drama in the Afternoon to the 6-8 play to the PTO play extravaganza!
We have resurrected the cherished Lawrence Reads and have instituted a belief in community service in grade eight.
We relish in “100 Day” as we always look forward to Japanese Fun Fair and Spring Fair.
We are an inclusive school that values our members and celebrates our diversity.

 We are from Lawrence and I will keep you in my heart.

Monica Crowley

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