Update from Superintendent Andrew Bott on the Principal transition at Lawrence School

Superintendent Bott attended yesterday morning’s PTO meeting to briefly outline three options for the new principal search at Lawrence.  Option number one would be to conduct a traditional search for a permanent principal.  The second two options would incorporate an interim principal for the 2018-2019 academic year.  Bott reported that in the past year both Driscoll and Pierce School have had successful years under interim leadership.

This first interim principal option would be to initially look within the district for a candidate with “context for Brookline.” The decision for this interim option would be at the discretion of the Superintendent.  However, if the interim candidate is recruited from outside the district, this process may change.  A second interim option involves hiring a retired principal.  However, the state requires proof of a failed search process (i.e., proven lack of qualified candidates) before permitting an appointment out of retirement.

It should be noted that per School Committee guidelines, an interim principal is eligible to apply for a permanent position as principal.  Bott reported that both interim principals from Driscoll and Pierce are currently in the running for permanent principal positions at their respective schools.

An interim vice principal to fill in for Laura Horst will be appointed after the principal for the 2018-2019 year has been named, thus the new principal would be able to contribute to the search for a best-fit interim vice principal.

Next steps include scheduling a “listening session” where parents can share their hopes and concerns about this transition period and new principal search.  Superintendent Bott’s “listening session” has been TENTATIVELY scheduled for next Tuesday, March 6, at 7:30 p.m.  The PTO will update the community once the date and time has been finalized towards the end of the week.

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Lawrence PTO

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