The Literacy Collaborative

The Literacy Collaborative is a comprehensive model designed to provide a school-wide approach for improving the reading and writing achievement of children. Schools are affiliated with the Literacy Collaborative at the Lesley University training center. Literacy Collaborative includes 10 essential design elements:

1) a school leadership team;
2) a school-based literacy coach;
3) initial and on-going professional development for teachers and literacy coaches;
4) in-classroom coaching for classroom teachers;
5) **research-based classroom instruction practices;
6) classroom assessment that informs instruction;
7) materials to support the implementation;
8) multiple levels of intervention (for example, Leveled Literacy Intervention, LLI)
9) a home/school partnership program; and,
10) research on results in terms of student achievement

**What does this look like in the classroom?

Brookline Public Schools is moving toward a two-hour reading and writing workshop model in English/Language Arts. Each hour of instruction includes a specific format for lessons, daily practice for students in reading and writing, and a group share at the end.