The Annual Appeal Starts Now!

Your PTO misses you! Staying COVID-safe has meant many of our most beloved annual events are on hold, and we miss seeing your smiling faces. Unfortunately, it has also meant that the PTO’s fundraising revenue—from event tickets, bake sales, LSA fees, movie days, and more—has taken a big hit. 

At the same time, meeting the challenges of this unusual school year calls for new supplies, equipment, and training—much of which is funded by the PTO. In short, we expect to spend as much as ever in 2020-21, with fewer opportunities to raise funds. 

That’s why your support of the Lawrence Legacy Fund is more important than ever! This year, the PTO is budgeted to spend about $150 per student on classroom supplies, educator training, library resources, extracurricular enhancements, and new technology—including one-time $100 increases in general classroom allocations, as well as specific grant gifts for headsets, amplifiers, and more. In addition, our PTO provides targeted funding for Lawrence staff and remote front-office needs at the Remote Learning Academy, ensuring that Lawrence students are supported no matter where they learn.

In a typical year’s budget, your contributions to the Lawrence Legacy Fund cover about $30,000 of the PTO’s total spend. This year, we need to double that. It’s a tall ask in a tough year, but there is so much at stake.

Lawrence educators are going above and beyond to seek out new training, create innovative learning structures, and create hybrid online/in-person spaces that are engaging, encouraging, and safe for our kids. With school budgets limited, PTO funding is critical in supporting these efforts—all of which ultimately serve our highest goal: giving every Lawrence student the tools they need to thrive.

Please join me in giving generously to the Lawrence Legacy Fund today. I hope you’ll consider contributing $150 for each child you have at Lawrence. If you can, please give more to help families who aren’t able to contribute this year. And if a lower amount is better for you right now, we welcome your help at any level. Every dollar counts!

Click here to donate today, or email for more information.

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