Staff and Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – Acknowledgements

Here are the people I would like to recognize who helped make this luncheon successful:

Planning Team

  • Julia Hodgson (KF, 3M)
    Masha Leuner (KG)
  • Bridget Muelbert (KC)

Setup/Cleanup Volunteers

  • Stephanie Mullins
  • Deb Fisher
  • Amanda Gordon
  • Grace Fehrenbach
  • Christina Grady
  • Sarah Zimman
  • Julie Upadhyays

Food Donations

  • Dawn Ludwig
  • Nicole Abrantes
  • Amanda Gordon
  • Jing Liu
  • Sheila Niedeck
  • Angela Stone
  • Heather Hoganson
  • Sarah Zimman
  • Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau
  • Sharon Imber
  • Deb Fisher
  • Kim Park
  • Rachel Goldman
  • Julia Hodgson
  • Kay Kobayashi
  • Jessica Kong

Monetary Donations

  • Silvia Titan
  • Sarah Zimman
  • Maureen Fallon
  • Charu Puri
  • Darby Conley
  • Michael Platt
  • Tamara Sitkoff
  • Harriet Paltiel
  • Nadege Plesier
  • Judy Platt
  • Brandie Ratliff
  • Andy Mullins
  • Brian Erickson
  • Britta Lassmann
  • Austin Derris
  • Laura Kane Rock
  • Nicola Thompson
  • Sarah Boehs
  • Lynne Castronuovo
  • Rachel Sater
  • Mendie Welu
  • Adrienne Fricke
  • Cathleen Aron

Extra Thank You’s for going above, beyond and into outer space:

  • Stephanie Mullins who signed up for 1 hour, but stayed for 4 hours instead, making last minute food runs!
  • Bridget Muelbert for leading the Teacher Shout-out’s initiative and individually punching holes in every single marimba!
  • Julia Hodgson for making last minute call to add ‘make your own burrito’ station from Los Amigos!
  • Amanda Gordon for writing labels & directions for our Arepa station!
  • Lawrence school custodian who works the night shift for bringing us a ladder to decorate the lounge Wednesday night.

Some pictures from the event are attached. Julia and Bridget, please send your pictures as well!

Thank you!




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