Thank you International Night Volunteers!


In particular I’d like to thank the committee chairs of the Lawrence Latino Cultural Group, Patricia Santos, Maritza Velez, Teresita Alvarez, and Laura Bravo for their commitment and support to revive international night and for taking time from their busy schedules to help organize and work the event. Thank you to Kay Kobayashi and Nagmeh Ansari for always stepping up to help before, during and after this and all school events.

A special thanks to all of the parents and students that donated so much of their time and personal resources to present the most amazing  activities and shows:  Kay Lin-For the Korean Activity section with food and a fascinating dance & drum performance, Mekdem Abebe-for a beautiful Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony and delicious food, Adi Sadeh and Jessica Ulian-for an entertaining and fun Israeli Table, Patricia Santos, Sandra Sabino, Kenneth Kozol and his Brazilian band for their rhythmic and energetic Brazilian dance and music, Lily Lien-informative and enjoyable Taiwanese activity, Naveen Taher  the educative and enlightening Egyptian Activity, our gifted 4th and 7th graders, Rasik Waikar and Keya Waikar and their friends for a wonderful Indian Dance performance, The Stenback family-for an interesting and original treat at the Finland Smell and Tasting table, 6th grader Lucy Gray and family for her brilliant Irish Step Dance performance,  Kay Kobayashi and Boston Kendo Kyokai for the ever packed and always pleasant Japanese Activity and Martial Arts show, Laura Bravo-for the original and fun Spain Activity table.  Thank you PTO for donating money to pay for our wonderful and talented Flamenco dancer, Yosi Karahashi.Thank you Alice Tseng for offering Lawrence Logo for sale.

Thank you for your Gift Baskets, provided by the Korean Cultural Activity, the Japanese Cultural Activity, the Israeli Cultural Activity, the Lawrence Latino Cultural Group, Lawrence Logo, and Nagmeh Ansari, representing Persia. 

Thank you Makeeba McCreary , Holly Jordan, and Akaterina Savchenko  at the admissions table, and my mother Jenny Mendez-Isenburg at the volunteer table.  Mr. Blair and Laura Horstfor staying late and helping out.  Thank you to all the teachers who donated their classrooms and equipment and Ms. Alper and our very mature and talented 8th grader Stanley Peng who worked the sound system in the auditorium.

A special thanks to all those who donated food and for their patience while we worked on getting more tables,  and to those who stayed on their feet for hours working extra shifts to serve food, set up, clean up, and help with activities: Dominique Ferdinand, Bianca Peskin, Xiying Qu, Nathan Ma, Jean-Claude  Ferdinand,  Lynne Castronuovo,  Akemi Koyama,  Ravi Amuthan,  Agustin Garcia, Elena Esteban-Duran, Brandie Ratliff, Charu Baskaran, Dawn Ludwig, Feng Zhang,  Pooja Sharma, Silvia Titan, Avani  Desai, Weddee Neufville –Henry,  Yasuyo Ohguch, Ai Hashimoto, Yuka Shimane, Nancy Gracin,  Yuka Takeuchi,  Nahoko Murata,  Ruth Lebron-Frenchwood,  Marimo Arai , Sopheak Tek ,   Maritza Velez, Ginelle Vazquez, Mutsumi Tanagawa, Katherine Ingraham, Pablo De Lora,  Susan and Ben Duban,   Nahoko Murata, Yoko Maehara, Miki Katanasaka, Sanae Kandori, Charu Baskaran, Shizuko Akiyama, Mona Mowafi, Adi Sadeh, Henry Brill, Carlos Rodriguez, KJ Veksler, Rodretta Evans, Susumu Kobayashi, Saori Tanaka, Haruto Arai, Sara Fahimi, Kosei Kandori, Haruto Kusaka, Jennifer Lee, Milagros Arbaje, Michel Lopez, Shogo Murata, Yudai Satake, Juan Carlos (JC) Sosa, Kayoko Yamada, Kai Cater, Kambiz Khalilinejad, Seamus O-brien, Hana Tanaka, Silvia Titan, Jordan Wallace, Sen Chen, Jenny Mendez-Isenburg, Erica Key, Julian Vesneseke, Teresita Alvarez, Sanae Kandori, Shizuko Akiyama, Ekaterina Savchenko, Sandra Sabino, Ikuyo Aihara, Sabrina Abron-Choumert, Mona Mowafi, Laurenn berry, Vanni Bucci, Moeka Aihara , Rosa Rostami, Sara Fahimi and Parvin Mousavi. Mutsumi Tanigawa, Ryoko Nakano, Yu Nakamura, Tomoka Akahori, Ryoko Nogami, Hidefumi Nogami, Hideyuki Higashi, Susumu Kobayashi, Toshiki Kobayashi, Akiko Satake, Misa Sambe, Hiroko Kuwahara, Kazuko Miyamoto, Miyuki Koda, Shiho Kozono, Keiko Nagano, Sumiko Matsunaga, Junko Kusaka, Akiko Kawai-Marbet, Sophia Rimas, Chloe Le Garrec, our custodial staff, and last but not least, thank you to all of the families that showed their support by attending the event.  And to anyone who contributed that I may have missed, please accept my most sincere apologies in advance.  My most heartfelt gratitude extends to you as well.

THANK YOU! See you all at the spring picnic! 

Warmest Regards,  

Marcia Ramos Sosa

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