Summer Message from Principal Warren Blair

Dear Lawrence Families,

Laura Horst and I would like to provide you some information about our summer work so far. We have been busy!

  • Please ensure that you are logging into Parent Portal to verify your data before school starts! Info Below!

  • Meeting individually with staff members to listen to their ideas about what is working well and what could be changed to best support their work at Lawrence. This includes how best to support our students and staff and also opportunities for individual teacher support. I’m hearing some great ideas! As you know, Lawrence has a very dedicated and highly effective staff! Our 3 main questions are: 1. What makes Lawrence a special place? 2. What are things that are “sacred” and should be kept in place? 3. What should we have conversations about and consider for possible changes?

  • Having planning conversations with teachers, district leadership, parents, and other school principals, to consider how we can best support instruction in the classroom, limit initiatives, and provide overall support for teaching.  We want to ensure we are working collaboratively to support teachers in doing the important things well, and also to revise, limit or eliminate elements so teachers can successfully accomplish their primary instructional role with students.

  • Met with Rick Rogers, Laura Horst and Christine Kohlsaat to review past, present and future issues and/or needs, including Staff Development and many operational items. Rick, Laura and Christine continue to be a valuable resource.

  • Meeting with individual and groups of parents on an as-needed basis, and as time allows.

  • Kindergarten students have not been added to the message system. We will send this message to them when that’s completed, approximately August 15.

Log in to the Aspen Parent Portal. Go to and enter your user name and password.
**Usernames are typically lastnamefirstinitial (Tom Jones would be jonest).**
If you do not know your user name and password, look for the email that you were sent by the district. If you still can’t find it, please email to request them.

We are greatly looking forward to having students and staff return in August and September!


Warren L. Blair, Principal
Lawrence School

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