Summer Math and Reading at Lawrence School

It is our tradition at Lawrence School to encourage students and families to continue “learning activities” throughout the summer. Students who return records of their summer learning in September will be recognized both publicly and with individual certificates.

In both reading and math, every person engages in a different way based on their acquired skills, their interests, and the resources they have available. We would like to encourage each student to find ways to engage in math and reading that are interesting, challenging, and accessible to that particular student.

Summer Reading

Lists available here:
and here:

Record what you read and bring a list in September

All Lawrence students are encouraged to read or listen to some good books this summer! The district librarians work all year on revising our summer reading lists to make sure they include the best, most current, and most engaging titles.

Summer reading lists will be distributed the last week of school by classroom teachers, but all book lists are also available online.

Students may choose to read magazines, books, or graphic novels. They may read paper books, on e-readers, or by listening to audio books. No matter how they take in the story, they should keep a list of titles they have read to bring back to school in September.

Please contact the librarian, Kathy Moriarty, with questions:

Summer Math

Ideas and recording sheet available here:

Record math choices and return recording sheet in September

Use the “Summer Math Recording Sheet” to set goals for your summer work and record at least 20 activities that you do. You can record some of the ideas you find on the website, or write about your own ideas.

In addition to these self-selected math adventures, students entering grades 5- 8 will have some assigned math work to do over the summer. These assignments will also be accessible through the website and should be brought back to the child’s math teacher in September.

Please contact a math specialist with questions:

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