ECS at Lawrence

The Enrichment and Challenge Support Program (formerly the Gifted and Talented Program) is a K-8 system-wide program that promotes critical and creative thinking skills for all students, and supports classroom teachers in providing challenging curriculum and extension opportunities for students who show a capacity for high levels of academic, intellectual, and creative achievement.

There is an ECS program resource teacher on staff in each elementary school in Brookline. S/he works collaboratively with classroom teachers, guidance counselors and principals to provide information, consultation and extension opportunities. The ECS teacher at Lawrence is Leslie Fagen. She is at Lawrence Tuesdays, Thursdays from 8am to 2:20pm and on Friday afternoons.

Your child’s classroom teacher should be your first point of contact if you have questions about how your child is being challenged in the classroom. However, Ms. Fagen welcomes questions by email and is available to meet with you by appointment. You can contact her by leaving a note in her mailbox in the school office, or via email at

Two parent representatives from each school serve on the ECS Parent Advisory Committee (ECS-PAC). Ivey Bueno Linn and Sharon Grimberg are the current ESC-PAC members for Lawrence.

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