School Happenings

Dear Families,

Approximately two times a month, Maisha, Peter and/or I write a blog entry about school happenings.  Part of the first entry for November is below with a  link to the school’s website so you can read the full article. 

I hope your children had a restful and fun day off on Friday, November 9, 2018. While the students were not in school, staff participated in three professional development sessions over the course of the day. We had an invigorating and informative day where staff were engaged in learning with each other, all in service to inform instruction to meet the needs of every one of our amazing students!

For the past two years, we joined other Brookline staff and gathered at Brookline High School to hear from keynote speakers, Beverly Daniel Tatum in 2016 and Jamie Almanzan in 2017. After each speaker, we broke into small groups to reflect on the messages of each presentation, which included inclusion, active anti-racist work, and valuing all students.

This year, each school was provided time to plan and execute professional development opportunities that aligned specifically with the needs of the school as we continue to strive for equity. The day was divided into three ninety-minute sessions. Staff gathered as a whole group for the first session and then by grade bands. The session topics are listed below.

To read the rest of this blog entry and others from September and October, please go to the “Principal’s Corner” on the Lawrence school Website.



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