Stone Soup: Healthy Food at Lawrence

Coming Attractions

PastedGraphic-1Third Annual Food Day Festival
Thursday, October 23rd, from 5-6:30 p.m in the Lawrence Big Gym
See related: Food Day Newsletter

Midwinter Occasional Speaker
February, date & topic TBD

Earth Day Activities with the Green Team
April 2015, date TBD

Mission Statement

Stone Soup provides a forum for parents to think and talk about food at Lawrence, to learn about and raise awareness of food-in-school issues, and to engage the greater Lawrence community in providing a consistently healthful learning environment in and out of the classroom.

Stone Soup challenges Lawrence families to actively engage in their kids’ thinking around food, to jointly weigh the costs and benefits in terms of health and wellbeing of food choices, and to take action in support of a positive food environment at school.

The entire Lawrence community is included in all-school events, invited to our occasional speaker series, and welcome at parent meetings. Stone Soup strives to support a culture of food awareness in other interested parent communities by sharing its resources and experiences.

Occasional Speaker Series

On occasion, Stone Soup hosts speakers and discussion of interest. Previous speakers and discussion topics have included, among others:

  • GINA HAHN on Bacteria: Probiotics, the Microbiome, and Your Family’s Health
  • LISA GROSS on Heirloom Apple Tree Pairings in School Yards by the Tree Party

If there is any topic that you would like to speak or organize a speaker on, please let us know! Some potential future discussion/speaker topics include:

  • Sustainability and Food Choices
  • Thinking About the Ways to Eat Animals
  • The Collision of School Funding and Health & Nutrition Education
  • New Nutrition Guidelines for Food in School (State and Federal)


Chief Cook & Bottle Washer: BETTINA NEUEFEIND

  • Plans and coordinates Stone Soup events. Works with parents, school and district administration, the PTO, interested teachers and staff, potential speakers and members of the greater Lawrence community. Fields parent inquiries related to food in school.
  • Represents Lawrence and Stone Soup on Brookline’s Wellness Committee.

Lawrence Liaison: LISA VIOLA

  • Promotes simultaneously healthful and delicious food at school activities, celebrations and events.

Information Officer: JIN SUK

  • Layout & Design of publicity materials, fliers, signs for Stone Soup events.
  • Graphics & photography.

Green Team Liaisons: KATHLEEN SCANLON & GINA HAHN and

  • Advise on sustainable practices for Stone Soup events, collaborate on joint all-school ventures such as the Food Day Festival and Earth Day activities.