Single Day Committments

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Volunteers are needed to plan, set up, help run, and clean up at each event. 30-minute shifts are available for many of the activities.

Fall Picnic    Help set up, clean up,  sell pizza, rice balls and baked goods, or help keep the water coolers filled. Coordinators are 6th grade families.

School Photos  Help organize students by classroom; distribute photo packages.  Contact Jessica Ullian 

Food Day Festival   Help organize the event or bring nutritious food.

Japanese Food Fair   Help make and sell a variety of Japanese treats.

Early Release Movies   Help with registration, check in/out, supervising students. Contact Makeeba McCreary

Staff Appreciation Luncheon Plan and prepare luncheon for teachers and staff.
Please contact  Emily Tevald and Julie Park

Phonathon (Dec 7)  Call families to raise essential PTO funds; Help with follow-up.  please contact Jennifer O’Neil

Family Fun Night-International Expo   Assist with the many activities offered at this annual event. Vanessa Trien

Japanese Fun Fair (Spring)  Help with activities and selling Japanese items.
Kay Kobayashi

Spring Picnic (June 9)  Help set up, clean up,  sell pizza and rice balls. Help with Cake Walk or bake sale.  Coordinators are 5th Grade families

Field Day (June 10)  Sign up for a two-hour shift or help all day.  Warren Blair