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The PTO needs you to get involved! 

Below are some specific needs that we have for the 2016/17 school year. (The list is not complete!)  In some cases these roles can be filled by more than one person since working as a team can make the job easier and more fun.  In addition to the leadership positions, volunteers are needed to help plan and run all events so if you are not able to take on a leadership role then you can still help in a critical support role.

Thank you in advance for your participation and support!

Download: Volunteer Opportunities Signup Form

Event Coordinators: Family Fun Night | Auction | Book Fair | Phonathon | Yearbook Coordinator

PTO  POSITIONS (most are school year-round, 2 year commitments)

PTO Co-President: 


Assistant Treasurer

  • Help support existing PTO Treasurer, Holly Jordan, by making deposits, distributing petty cash for events and Guidance office as needed, tracking and communicating with teachers and administration regarding classroom allocations and grants and other tasks as needed.
  • For more details contact current PTO Treasurer, Holly Jordan, at hbpto@outlook.com

Secretary  (1 or 2)

  • Attend monthly PTO meetings, take notes and transmit to web page/tech volunteer for posting on PTO web page.  Provide copies for any interested parents.
  • PTO correspondence such as sending thank you notes to fundraising donors and maintain the fundraising spreadsheet.
  • File the annual Report
  • Obtain/maintain PTO insurance
  • Help the presidents with the summer mailing
  • This position could be shared by 2 volunteers.
  • POSITION FILLED by Julie Park juliepark@gmail.com

Room Parent Coordinators (Have one, still need one additional…)

  • In coordination with classroom teachers, recruit 1 or 2 room parents for each K to 6 classroom and one grade level “room parent” for grades 7 and 8.
  • Hold a “Room Parent Meeting” in September and provide same in follow-up correspondence to explain the Room Parent responsibilities  including:  introducing themselves to the teachers and parents in the class, creating a class list with e-mail and phone contact information all parents in the class, being a liaison between the PTO, the teachers and the class families,  recruiting the help of  1 or 2 volunteers from each class for larger PTO events  and coordinating  with other same grade level Room Parents to organize grade level events such as the Fall and Spring Picnics, Art Show refreshments and Family Fun Night activities.
  • For more details contact existing Room Parent Coordinators, Charlotte Rice charlotterice@gmail.com and Maureen Fallon fallon_Maureen@yahoo.com.

New Families Welcome Committee  — POSITION FILLED

  • Host “Welcome Meeting” for new Lawrence families in early September.
  • Introduce Principals and key specialists, PTO officers and major event or program coordinators.  Explain how to be included in communications from PTO via e-mail, room parents and administration and how to be included in the online family directory.  Gather contact information as needed, pass info to Newsletter editor to include in mailings as appropriate.
  • Throughout the year, in coordination with front office staff, greet all incoming new families in person and via e-mail and explain how they can be added to the PTO e-mail list and online Directory.  Pass contact information to Newsletter editor as appropriate.
  • Schedule and give school tours to incoming families.
  • POSITION FILLED  Charu Puri Sharma and Laura o’Brien

Phonathon Planning and Support  (2 or 3)

Beginning in November and through January, work with lead Phonathon Coordinator on the following activities:

  • Update and edit the yearly Phonathon “ask” letter that goes out to all Lawrence families in late November.
  • Update and edit information for Phonathon poster for to be posted by late November.
  • Update the Phonathon tracking spreadsheet using previous years’ spreadsheet, current online Directory and information from school secretary.
  • Give information for Phonathon advertising/ communications to Newsletter editor for postings throughout late November and into December.
  • With help of Room Parents, recruit volunteers from each class to be Phonathon callers on Phonathon night in mid to  early December.
  • Using updated spreadsheet and current online Directory, plan and print “call sheets” for Phonathon night.
  • Help track and record incoming Phonathon pledges and donations throughout Phonathon season form mid- November through January using spreadsheet.
  • Help follow up on Phonathon night pledges via e-mail, phone or in person through January.
  • Help prepare and send online and paper thank you notes for all Phonathon donations.
  • For more information contact Jennifer O’Neil at oneil_jenn@yahoo.com.

Yearbook Coordinator(s) (1 or 2) 

December – June

  • Early December, review contract with the yearbook editor and continue communication until June:  exchanging materials, reviewing, proofreading.
  • Get school photos from our school photographer
  • Review the first draft with every classroom teacher
  • Identify students who do not have pictures, contact families to arrange pictures
  • Contact parents on the “No Media” list for permission to include their children in the book
  • Compile pictures from school and families to create collages
  • Set up online payment method/ announcments, communicate to Newsletter editor and administration
  • Compile and send K-7 book and 8th grade books for publishing
  • Pick up/sort/ and distribute
  • For more information contact Nagmeh Ansari Varasteh nagmehansari@gmail.com

Lawrence Logo Items (1 or 2 leads)

  • December to February and as desired through Spring
  • Coordinate with Visual Arts Committee and Art teacher to select a design from 8th grade contest.
  • Confirm and finalize design before December vacation.
  • Review previous years order quantities and place order for T- shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants/ pajama bottoms and/or other items in mid- January.
  • Plan initial delivery to arrive before Family Fun Night sales launch.
  • Recruit 3 or 4 volunteers to help sell merchandise at Family Fun Night and other key times through Spring and/or set up online re-ordering program.
  • Communicate selling schedule and online ordering details ( if applicable) to Newsletter editor and Room Parents for advertising.
  • Position filled: Maggie Sawada: mugendai_1111@yahoo.com  &  Alice Y Tseng: aytseng916@hotmail.com


Family Fun Night  coordinators:  Vanessa Trien: vanessatrien@gmail.com &
Alison Kulkarni: alisonkulkarni@gmail.com

Recruit team leaders, ideally 5, one from each grade, who will work with the Room Parents from that grade to  recruit volunteers and oversee the following:

October – December

  • team leader 1 – overall manager of timeline, coordinating logistics, documents, works with administrative staff (principal, vice principal, money, and contacts volunteers, 8th grade room parent re: bake sale/coffeehouse
  • team leader 2 – oversees activity rooms – supplies, organization, teacher gifts
  • team leader 3 – oversees carnival and raffle – determines games, rents items, gets prizes and supplies
  • team leader 4 – oversees food court – determines decorations, supplies,
  • team leader 5 – oversees coffeehouse – purchases supplies for night, works with 8th grade parents to staff room
  • extra support – PTO newsletter and tech assistance with publicity and ivolunteer spreadsheet creation/updating
  • Meet and review list of activities from previous year; brainstorm and research new ideas
  • Finalize activities and determine room assignments
  • Coordinate room assignments and usage with Mr. Rogers and individual teachers
  • Determine # of volunteers needed for each room, communicate with appropriate Room Parents
  • Begin to seek/create raffle prizes (big prizes and baskets)
  • Complete facility use form

January – February

  • Inventory PTO closet for FFN supplies
  • Compile shopping list and coordinate purchase of supplies
  • Work with Room Parents to actively recruit and sign up volunteers for  specific tasks and work with vice principal to enlist help of 8th grade volunteers
  • Communicate room setup needs with custodial staff
  • Post needs/advertise event via PTO newsletter
  • Update room signage and activity directions
  • Arrange for petty cash (via PTO treasurer) and radios (if desired)
  • Determine announcements and send to principal (community meetings)

Week of Family Fun Night

  • Coordinate raffle ticket sales
  • Pull together cash boxes
  • Organize all supplies
  • Finalize volunteer needs/adjust rooms, etc. as necessary based on volunteers
  • Make flyers for FFN, give to front office for approval,  post around school
  • Work with principal on day of announcements/raffle prize logistics
  • Make thank you cards for teachers and place in rooms at end of night
  • Specify tickets for food sales; track money collected and receipts for accounting, coordinate with PTO treasurer for deposits and expense reimbursements.
  • Print out all room signs, volunteer lists,
  • Send out emails to volunteers with directions for each room
  • Communicate with vice principal expectations of 8th graders
  • Thank all volunteers via e-mail or in person, share thank you particulars with Newsletter editor for the following issue.

AUCTION (2 or 3)

January – March 

  • Edit/review the spreadsheet of Auction donors, delete those unsuccessful in past years and identify potential new donors.
  • Edit/write the auction invitation letter and send to potential donors past and present via email, phone and in person solicitation.
  • Arrange and pick up/collect auction items
  • Renew membership and set up the auction site
  • Advertise and announce the auction event by Family Fun Night in early February: take home fliers, posters, Room Parent communication and PTO newsletter.
  • Run and monitor auction for the period of auction (usually late February or early March for 2 or 3 weeks.)
  • Track cash, check and PayPal payments and make arrangements for winner to receive their winning items.
  • Send thank you note to Auction donors.
  • Please contact nagmeh Ansari nagmehansari@gmail.com

Used and/or New Book Fair – Co-coordinators: Dana Greene: greene_dana@hotmail.com and Karen Stern: kqstern@gmail.com

  • In coordination with principals, teachers and librarian decide whether to reinstate a New Book Fair, decide  on a company and exact dates.
  • Communicate with company to review and sign contracts and make arrangements.  (January/ February for a May sale)
  • Recruit volunteers using online system for set up and selling and take down.
  • Advertise and announcement of the event via take home fliers, posters, Room Parent communication and PTO newsletter and teachers.
  • For Used Book Fair, coordinate with principals regarding collection and storage of books for a late May sale.
  • Recruit volunteers (3 or 4) for collection and sorting.
  • Collect and sort books through winter and/or spring depending on space.
  • Recruit volunteers using online system for set up and selling and take down.
  • Advertise and announcement of the event via take home fliers, posters, Room Parent communication and PTO newsletter and teachers.
  • Set up class visitation schedules for both New and Used Book Fairs as applicable.

Understanding Our Differences

Are you looking for a meaningful way to help build and sustain a safe, just and caring community at the Lawrence School? Would you like to collaborate with a group of other Lawrence parents to promote the values of respect and inclusion for people of all abilities?

The Lawrence School Understanding Our Differences program needs you!

Understanding our Differences (UOD) is an interactive disability awareness program designed to foster respect, tolerance, and compassion in elementary schools and communities at large.  The approach is grounded in the belief that children are naturally curious about differences and that accurate information can be the difference between acceptance and discrimination.

  • Parent volunteers are needed to run small group activities designed to teach 4th graders to “see the person, not the disability.” The UOD sessions will take place on four mornings from 9:45-noon.
  • Previous participants speak passionately about what a rich and rewarding volunteer opportunity this is.  More information about the program here: http://www.understandingourdifferences.org
  • Volunteers may sign up to help facilitate any number of UOD sessions or join the facilitation team for the whole series.  Trainings for volunteers will take place the day before each session (approximately one hour, time TBD).
  • Interested parents and family members are encouraged to contact one of the UOD parent co-coordinator: Angela Stone  angejstone@gmail.com


Volunteers are needed to plan, set up, help run, and clean up at each event. 30-minute shifts are available for many of the activities.

Fall Picnic    Help set up, clean up,  sell pizza, rice balls and baked goods, or help keep the water coolers filled
Coordinators are 6th grade families

School Photos  Help organize students by classroom; distribute photo packages.  Contact Pat Scanlon

Food Day   Help organize the event or bring nutritious food.
Bettina Neuefeind

Japanese Food Fair   Help make and sell a variety of Japanese treats.
Kay Kobayashi

Early Release Movies   Help with registration, check in/out, supervising students.
Makeeba McCreary

Staff Appreciation Luncheon Plan and prepare luncheon for teachers and staff.
Please contact  Emily Tevald emily.tevald@gmail.com and Julie Park juliepark@gmail.com

Phonathon (Dec 7)  Call families to raise essential PTO funds; Help with follow-up.  please contact Jennifer o’Neil oneil_jenn@yahoo.com

Family Fun Night-International Expo   Assist with the many activities offered at this annual event. Vanessa Trien vanessatrien@gmail.com

Japanese Fun Fair (Spring)  Help with activities and selling Japanese items.
Kay Kobayashi

Spring Picnic (June 9)  Help set up, clean up,  sell pizza and rice balls. Help with Cake Walk or bake sale.  Coordinators are 5th Grade families

Field Day (June 10)  Sign up for a two-hour shift or help all day.  Warren Blair


These projects require help over the course of several days/weeks:

School Directory (September – October) Compile, edit and confirm family contact data for inclusion in online and print distribution.  Coordinator:  Robin LeWinter

Art Show, Help install student artwork and organize event.
Linda Louie

Used Book Fair  Collect and sort books (Winter and Spring), help with advertising, setup and take down and/or assist students with purchases during Sale.
Karen Stern and Dana Greene

T-Shirt Sales (Spring)  Coordinate design, printing, and sales of school t-shirts and sweatshirts.  Alice Y Tseng aytseng916@hotmail.com & Maggie Sawada mugendai_1111@yahoo.com


PTO Auction (December – February)  Help solicit donations and publicize silent auction.  Nagmeh Ansari nagmehansari@gmail.com

PTO Play (December – March) Help put on annual parent/teacher play. Requires a few weeks of rehearsals.

Yearbook  Help with organization, permissions and orders.
Nagmeh Ansari


Help as needed throughout the year:

Green Team– This parent group raises green awareness and understanding of environmental issues to promote the adoption of responsible practices within the Lawrence Community. Please Contact Kathleen Scanlon at kathleenmscanlon@gmail.com if you’d like more information about upcoming activities and would like to help.

Middle School B-PEN Liaison  Identify topics of interest to Middle School families and help organize network meetings
Betsy Dalbeck

New Family Contacts   Welcome and assist new families, answer questions about the school.  Charu PuriSharma chapuri@hotmail.com and Laura O’brien lobrien186@msn.com

Lawrence Special Activities (LSA) Plan, advertise, and organize after-school enrichment programs such as karate, clay, chess, and drama.  please contact Zoe Kovel zkovel@gmail.com

Art Room Volunteer   Help keep the art room drawers and shelves stocked and organized. Timing is flexible.
Shelly Magno

Library Volunteer   Assist with check-out and reshelving books.
Kathleen Moriarty

Performing Arts Council  Preview and schedule storytellers, dancers, musicians, and actors.
 Lisa Viola

Visual Arts Council  Recruit visiting artists who lead projects that are integrated into the curriculum.
Linda Louie

Room Parents   Support your child’s class by serving as a liaison between the teacher and class families.   Maureen Fallon fallon_maureen@yahoo.com and Charlotte Rice charlotterice@gmail.com

Stone Soup (formerly Eat to Thrive: Food in School)   This parent group is interested in any and all issues concerning food in school and their kids.
Bettina Neuefeind