SET-J (Sending Educators to Japan)

Organizers: Miwa Raita, Mayuko Kohara, Naoko Sugiyama.

“Sending Educators To Japan” (SET-J) is a PTO program that offers Lawrence school educators an opportunity to participate in a short trip to Japan.  The program has been sending a selected Lawrence School teacher to Japan each year since 2002. Funding for the trip is provided by the Lawrence PTO.

Teachers who have participated in this program were able to observe the Japanese educational system in various settings and experience Japanese culture firsthand.  Upon returning, they  have shared their experiences and discoveries with the Lawrence community, thus giving our community a glimpse into another society as well.

We know that this experience has been enriching for the teachers who have made the trip, and believe that colleagues, students and community members back at Lawrence have benefited from it too.

Check out the SET-J Blog at, and contact with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Click here to download the Power Point Presentation. If you are not able to view this presentation, please email Harold Price for more download options.

Past Trip Highlights

NEW: Ms. Katy McGraw’s Blog & Presentation

Ms. Jessica Gordon’s blog

Ms. Maggie Russell’s blog from her 2015 trip

Ms. Gannon’s trip blog (2015)

Ms. Terry Jewell’s video and blog from her 2016 trip

Ms. Dianne Muendel’s blog and slideshow from her 2014 trip (posted 3/10/21)

Watch Ms. Emily Romm talk about her 2012 trip; see her blog for more! (posted 2/11/21)

 Mr. Jon Weinberger shares memories of his 2018-19 trip (posted 1/27/21)

Grant recipients

(click the links to see available blogs and reports)

2019-20 Ms. Gabby Mahesh (Special Education) Considering the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to cancel the trip.  
2018-19 Mr. Jon Weinberger (4th grade) View the slideshow.
2017-18  Ms. Katy McGraw (Math specialist)
2016-17     Ms. Jessica Gordon  (Kindergarten)
2015-16     Ms. Terry Jewell (Literacy specialist)
2014-15     Ms. Keryn Gannon (2nd grade)
2014-15     *Ms. Maggie Russell (2nd grade) *BEF’s Adam Russell Gelfand Award
2013-14     Ms. Dianne Muendel (Literacy Specialist)
2012-13     Ms. Emily Romm (ELL)  Read Ms. Romm’s trip report.
2011-12     Mr. Ryan Keser (7/8th grade, Science)
2010-11     Ms. Kirsten Alper (Computers)
2009-10     Mr. Greg Porter (5th grade)
2008-09     Ms. Kris Frye (1st grade)
2007-08     Ms. Jill Puleo Demsey (2nd grade)
2006-07     Mr. Mark McAneny (4th grade)
2005-06     Ms. Erica Cifrino (PE)
2004-05     Ms. Dominique Ferdinand (Kindergarten)
2003-04     Mr. Jeremy Ward (3rd grade)
2002-03     Ms. Pamela Charpentier (6th grade, Social Studies)