PTO Update, Monday February 4

Hello Lawrence Community,

We hope you all had a great winter weekend. After a full weekend we’re sure you got to bed early Sunday night because that’s the way to start a week out right. ANOTHER SUPERBOWL WIN?!! WHAT?!! 41 is the new 20, I guess. Avocado ice cream to celebrate?… anyone? 

Ok, in the words of Soul II Soul, “Back to reality”…

We wanted to remind you about a fabulous DICE (Diversity, Inclusion, Community, and Equity) Meeting coming up this week. All Lawrence parents and staff are invited to participate in a community conversation on Wednesday, Feb. 6th on the topic of “Implicit Bias.” Yes, that’s THIS Wednesday. Lawrence Library from 6:30-8:00PM. Hope to see you there! See below for more info.

We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here, but in March there are a few great talks happening around town. See below to find out more about a video gaming addiction presentation, one called “Waking up white”, and another about raising children in a cross-cultural environment. Be sure to get them in your calendar- see the Upcoming & Ongoing section below for more info. 

Our interim principal, Ms. Crowley, has two new posts in the Principals’ Corner on the School Website. Look for:

1. The Why is Everything – The Lawrence staff believes in the power of a growth mindset for all of our students and every staff member.  Read more.

2. School Family Survey – Please keep an eye out for our annual Family Feedback Survey.The email header you will see from Panorama Education is a mouthful, but an important mouthful: Public Schools of Brookline’s Family Feedback Survey. These surveys are a great opportunity for you to let us know what is working and what can be improved at the Lawrence School. Based on last year’s survey, we have focused on relationship building with all stakeholders, and the VPs and I created a chart of “administrative / guidance partnerships”; each staff member, organized by grade band, was assigned a key administrator partner that they could feel empowered to contact for support or with any questions.

Last year we had 21.7% of our families respond. This year our goal is to have all families respond. We want every family’s voice to be heard. Read more.

If you did not receive an email from Panorama Education on January 22 with a link to the survey, please email Panorama Education at and request a survey. Your thoughts & comments are important to us!

You might have noticed the great artwork and bios up at school for Black History Month. If you haven’t had a chance to see them yet, be sure you do. A big thanks to all the students who participated and to Marcia Ramos Sosa for organizing! Thank you also to everyone who came to our PTO Meeting/Principals’ Coffee last week. It was great to hear from the math team about their vision for Lawrence math. Another big thank you to all the parents who either organized or contributed to the Staff Appreciation Luncheon last week. What an amazing spread there was! Thank you to all the wonderful Lawrence staff for all you do every day for our kids. See below for more of a thank you from the organizers extraordinaire: Masha Leuner, Bridget Muelbert and Julia Hodgson. Thank you everyone!

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