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  • Performance by the Shakespeare Guyz
    • Thursday, June 15 9:45-10:30 am: 4th and 5th grades, 10:45-11:30 am: 6th-8th grades. Performances will take place in the auditorium and parents are enthusiastically invited to attend either performance!On Thursday, June 15, Lawrence School’s Performing Arts Committee presents the “Shakespeare Guyz!”  Through humor, costumed sword-fights, Elizabethan insults, and complete audience involvement, Richard McElvain and David Zucker bring The Bard’s genius to life. From Hamlet’s grief over Yoric’s skull to the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet to an over-the-top version of Pyramus and Thisbe, David and Richard ignite an excitement for The Bard in the classroom. The Shakespeare Guyz challenge students to make personal connections with Shakespeare’s themes and realize the power of Shakespeare’s legacy. For more info, visit
  • From SET-J (Sending Educators To Japan) Program:
      • This year’s SET-J grant recipient, Ms. Jessica Gordon (Kindergarten) will visit Japan from June 23th to July 2nd.Please check Jessica’s adventures on her blog (, please congratulate Ms. Katy McGraw (4-8th grade Math Specialist), the recipient for 2018 SET-J grant!

        The SET-J committee announced the 2018 SET-J grant to the teachers in March, and all interested candidates were asked to submit an essay.  The SET-J committee, Mr. Blair and the PTO president chose the grant recipient in April.

        The “Sending Educators To Japan” program, which is funded by the PTO, has been sending Lawrence teachers to Japan since 2002. Click here to learn more about SET-J. If you have any questions, please contact

    • Food Day Festival Team
      • Interested in being on the Food Day Festival team? Join us in the cafeteria 8-9:30 on Wednesday, June 14. Can’t make it? and let us know you’re interested!


    • Thank you Spring Picnic organizers and volunteers: Charlotte Rice, Maureen Fallon, Charu Puri-Sharma, Holly Jordan, Nagmeh Ansari. Marcia Ramos and the Latino Cultural Group. Kay Kobayashi, Akiko Kawaimarbet and the Set J team: Daichi Kandori, Ayaka Aihara, Kai Hashimoto, Moeka Aihara, Sanhong Yu, Rin Ogiya, Laura O’Brien, Heather Maloney, Kevin Manuel, Tina Manuel, Anne McKay, Hana Tanaka, Haruto Arai, Kosei Kandori, Yu Nakamura, Shogo Murata, Yufeng Zhao. Susan Dubin, Sara Fahimi, Heather Maloney, Kim Park, Brandie Ratliff, Alene Pereira, Sanhong Yu. Keith Carson, Vanessa Trien, Dominque Ferdinand, Sophie Ferdinand, Charlotte Foot, Nia McConnico, and all who brought cakes! Kathleen Scanlon from the Green Team, and Ms. Horst.
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