PTO Parents Get It Done!

Did you know that every Lawrence parent and caregiver is automatically part of the PTO? (Yes, you too!) From board members to room parents to event chairs, our talented all-volunteer crew works year-round in support of PTO programs, organized for the benefit and participation of all. Want to get involved? Please let us know! We welcome active input and new leaders from throughout our community. 

There’s another critical way that all PTO members keep the PTO running: your financial contributions. The PTO is projected to spend close to $100,000 this year—that’s even more than we would spend in a typical year, with lower event revenue. That means that direct financial contributions from you will be by far the biggest part of PTO funding in 2020-21.

There are no dues to be a member of the PTO—you’re in it, just by being part of the Lawrence community. And your child benefits from PTO programs, whether or not you give. Still, we hope you’ll decide that the work of the PTO—in furnishing our classrooms, supporting our teachers, connecting our community, and enriching our children’s education—is a cause worth supporting.

DID YOU KNOW: An average Lawrence family spends around $100 at PTO fundraising events throughout the year. Would your family normally attend the fall picnic or other back-to-school events? Redirect those dollars to the Legacy Fund to keep the PTO strong!

PTO Parent Spotlight: Kay Kobayashi
Kay is truly a PTO all-star! She has been a Lawrence parent since 2002 (four of her children are Lawrence graduates, with the fifth in eighth grade this year), and since 2003 has been a parent leader—planning teacher trips to Japan with SET-J, organizing the Japanese Fair, and translating communications for the Japanese-speaking community. And that’s just the beginning: Kay has also helped out with International Night/Family Fun Night, Fall and Spring Picnics, Food Fest, Movie Days, Picture Day, Teacher Appreciation Day, PTO Play, and Book Fair, and volunteered in the library, art program, understanding disability programming, field day, and school tours for international families. Kay is motivated by the Lawrence culture of “diversity and friendship,” and a wish to continue the feeling of safety and caring she has found at school. And also, she adds, “It’s all fun!” Thank you, Kay, for all you do!

BE A KAY! What is fun for you? Planning events? Working with classroom teachers? Celebrating diversity? Please reach out to the PTO presidents to find out how volunteering can fit with your interests and your schedule.

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