PTO Non-Budgeted Proposals

Dear Lawrence Community Member:

Your PTO may be able to consider a new proposal for a special project you would like to carry out to enhance the learning community experience at Lawrence. All proposals, regardless of whether there is a funding request, follow the same process outlined below. If this project is being spearheaded by faculty or staff, the proposal should be submitted as a teacher grant.

Funding may or may not be available as items from the approved budget take priority. It is possible that a proposal with merit would have to be postponed for consideration if funding is not available. Please use the attached Lawrence PTO Non-Budgeted Proposal Form. This process is new this year and is subject to change.

Proposals may be submitted on a rolling basis during the school year. Email the proposal to, who will then confirm that it has been received. The PTO Board, including the Lawrence Principal, will meet within two months to review your proposal. The board will be considering the big picture equitable distribution across grades and in the school for items that it funds. Proposals that benefit more than one class by impacting a grade level or larger community help achieve equitable opportunity for our students.

Questions about a proposal idea or writing a grant? Please reach out to your PTO Presidents.

Best regards,

Christina Grady

Heather Hoganson

PTO Presidents

Lawrence PTO Non-Budgeted Proposal

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Total amount of request (if applicable):


Please describe what you want to do:

How does your proposed project relate to the curriculum, school improvement plan and/or BPS Core Values & Goals?

What grade(s) will the project benefit?

Itemized costs (if applicable; be specific):

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