PTO Leadership Nomination and Elections


To the Lawrence Community,

Because of your enthusiastic support the Lawrence PTO plays a vital role in our children’s education.
Some examples of how we do this include direct supplementation of teacher development through PTO grants that fund innovative approaches to classroom teaching, and by sponsoring annual trips to Japan. We also support committee-based programs that bring authors, actors, and artists into our classrooms. We also sponsor community events such as Family Fun Night, Lawrence Food Festival, International Night, the PTO Play and the Lawrence Art Show.

Today, the PTO is on the precipice of a new era as we move to help educators embrace empowering innovations in education, communication, science, and technology. By volunteering for PTO leadership, your efforts will have an immediate and long-term impact on our children’s development.

The PTO and the PTO’s Nomination and Election Committee encourage everyone to consider nominating themselves or someone else for any position. Below, you will find a list of positions and what each entails. We will be accepting nominations through May 17th, with an election to follow. Starting May 15th through May 17, we will host an information table in the lobby at drop-off to discuss anything related to PTO positions, nominations or the election process.

All positions are open for nominations, but many will become vacant as parents transition to the High School. There are no prerequisites for PTO leadership, and most positions ask for a negligible timecommitment. If you think you would work best alongside another parent etc. we encourage you to nominate yourselves as a group. We will also reach out to parents that are suggested by anyone.

To nominate someone you can either drop a note in a nomination box on the PTO board starting March 15, or email your nomination to the committee via Chris Deister

Thank you for your time,

Chris Deister, Jennifer Tulipani and Harold Price
PTO Nominations and Election Committee
Positions and Descriptions

President (1-3 open):
The President(s) of the PTO are responsible for coordinating all activities of the PTO. Our PTO is of sufficient size that a number of motivated parents are encouraged to share the responsibilities of the job and act as Co-Presidents. In recent years the Lawrence PTO has operated with two Co-Presidents ensuring continuity and overlap. This year, we hope to elect three candidates for this position. The current PTO board will help the Co-Presidents divvy up the responsibilities and get off to a running start.

Key Responsibilities:
* Help plan and set the school year calendar alongside the Principals.
* Prepare and mail a “summer packet” in August, which includes a new family welcome info.
* Plan a yearly budget and submit for board approval.
* Work with VP of technology to maintain the PTO website and newsletter.
* Meet monthly with the Principals and the Superintendent.
* Support event coordinators and activity committees, particularly with recruiting volunteers.
* Check & respond to PTO email at least once a week.
* One President has a seat on the School Council and attends that meeting.

The estimated time commitment for Co-Presidents is ~8 hours a week.

Vice President (1-2 open):
Vice Presidents take on specific duties from the Presidents and oversee their execution. Currently, the Presidents have identified the need for a Vice President to act as a liaison between the PTO the central administration of Public Schools of Brookline (PSB). The main activity/commitment of this Vice President is to attend and take notes at the monthly “Parent Leadership Meeting.” This meeting happens monthly and is between PTO leadership across the town and PSB administration including Superintendent Andrew Bott.

The estimated time commitment for Vice Presidents is ~5-10 hours a month.

Secretary (1 open; 1 incumbent):
The role of the Secretary is to obtain, organize, and archive information that pertains to PTO operations. The primary specific responsibility of the Secretary is to attend monthly and ad-hoc PTO meetings and take notes and produce minutes appropriate for distribution through the PTO website.

Additional responsibilities of the Secretary include:
Executing PTO correspondence, such as thank you notes for fundraising donors.
Maintaining a fundraising spreadsheet.
Filing the PTO annual report.
Obtaining and maintaining PTO insurance.
Helping Presidents with summer mailings.

The estimated time commitment for Secretary is ~5 hours a month.

Co-Treasurers (1 open; 1 incumbent):
The role of Co-Treasurer is to help prepare and oversee the PTO budget as well as overseeing and executing “day-to-day” matters of handling PTO funds. Specific responsibilities include making deposits, handling petty cash for events, working with teachers and admin to distribute and use classroom allocated funds and grants and maintaining the books in a manner agreed upon by the Presidents, Board, and Treasurers.

The estimated time commitment for Co-Treasurers is ~5 hours per week.

Board Members (3 vacating; 2 incumbent):
Board members are “the backbone of the PTO.” They are elected voting members of the PTO leadership. Their specific roles vary as needs of the PTO change, and they often come into their positions with specific ideas of where to take the PTO. We strongly encourage  board members that can help the PTO stay current on the varied needs of our diverse Lawrence community. The main expectation of all board members is attendance and participation in the monthly PTO meetings and ad-hoc meetings.

The estimated time commitment for board members is ~1.5 hours a month.

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