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    Harold Price

    On Tuesday April 26th from 7-8:30, the Brookline Parent Education Network (B-PEN) will present the results of the most recent Student Health Survey at Upper Devotion School as they relate to middle-school. The evening will include statistics from the survey, implications for school-based practice and support and resources for parents. All Brookline parents of middle school students and staff are welcome. There will be speakers and a panel, and opportunities for PSB behavioral health supports to be showcased. While we see many positive indicators for increasing healthy behaviors in Brookline, mental health continues to be an area of concern for our middle school students, especially as it relates to anxiety and depression. Here is a snapshot from the survey:

    At the middle school level, the percentage of 7th-8th grade students who reported experiencing overwhelming stress or anxiety in the past year increased from 69% in 2013 to 79% in 2015. ● More females reported overwhelming stress or anxiety than males (86% and 73%, respectively). ● Among 7th-8th grade students, 14% report symptoms of depression over the past year. More females (22%) reported this than male (15%). A higher percentage of 8th graders reported the symptom of depression (21%) than 7th graders (15%). ● Among 7th-8th grade students, 14% report ever having attempted self-harm (i.e. cutting, burning) compared to 12% in 2013. ● Among Brookline 7th and 8th grade students, 4% reported having EVER attempted suicide. The prevalence did not vary by grade. More males had ever attempted suicide (4%) than females (3%).

    Please save the date-more information will follow. For more information regarding complete results of the survey click here:  Executive Summary (PDF)

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