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    Harold Price

    The holiday season is a period of connecting with family and friends, of rituals and religious occasions, celebrations and parties.  It is also a season often associated with increased alcohol consumption during many of these festivities. And as pre-teens and teens on school vacation find themselves with time on their hands, it can become a season of alcohol and marijuana experimentation. Brookline students say that their number one source for obtaining alcohol is sneaking it from the liquor cabinet at home. And with the legalization of marijuana, adolescents also may be drawn to pot under the impression that it offers a safe way to get high. (Ask your kids what they know about vaping!)

    As a community, there are a few basic steps we can all take to keep our children safe and substance free over the school vacation.  Check out B-PEN’s “Safe Holiday Tip Sheet” at for ideas on how to talk to your kids about substances and set a good example on the home front.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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