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    Harold Price

    We are making paper cranes! To give us and our children a way to voice a positive message of peace, people from all over town are joining together to fold origami peace cranes. A beautiful symbol, the paper crane has a powerful association with peace, the welfare of our children, and opposition to nuclear war. We believe that beyond whatever divisions exist, all politics must come from the foundational principles of peace, kindness, tolerance, and humanity.
    We will bring these cranes to Washington DC for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, on January 16th, as a statement of peace, of opposition to nuclear war, and as a wish for all the world to focus itself on the most important things. Several businesses will be folding paper cranes on Brookline’s First Light festival, Thursday December 1st, and others will do the same on other days. Stay tuned for more information.
    We hope that other communities will join us, that this message will begin here in Brookline and Boston, take wing and spread around the world.
    Please feel free to contact us:
    Background information:


    Click here to read the Flyer


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