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    Harold Price

    Our Stories: Friends, Family and Community

    A Diversity Workshop Series for Families and Young Children
    Facilitated by Alicia Hsu

    This series of three workshops is designed to engage parents, guardians and their young children in an ongoing, developmentally relevant exploration of racial and cultural identity. The facilitator Alicia Hsu is a retired teacher of Brookline Public Schools, known to be a passionate advocate for underserved and underrepresented students.

    Many parents and guardians recognize the importance of having and sustaining conversations with their children about the diversity found in their own families, schools and neighborhoods yet are uncertain as to when and how to go about this. Together, we will discuss related articles, resources and bibliographies. It is our goal that parents and children will feel more confident talking about some big ideas, and leave with some new ways to think about and celebrate the diversity all around us.

    All sessions will be held at Hunneman Hall in the Public Library of Brookline. For more details, please contact Chris Chanyasulkit at cchanyasulkit@brooklinema.gov. To RSVP for these free sessions, please visit http://www.tinyurl.com/diversity-workshop-series/.

    Please note these are recommended for children ages 3 – 5 but all are welcome.  Each session stands alone, and does not require prior participation.

    Session 1: Celebrating Friends (February 27th at 10am)
    This session will provide an opportunity for young children and families to explore and share ways to celebrate and nurture the friendships we have, as well as to consider how to make new friends in new situations. Adult and child participants will listen and respond together to the story Friendshape by Ay Krouse Resental and Tom Lichtenheld. There will be a related crafts activity for children facilitated by high school assistants, and an informal discussion group for adults held in close proximity.

    Session 2: Celebrating Families (April 2nd at 10am)
    In this session, participants are invited to bring photos of the special people you consider to be part of your family. Be sure to include yourselves! Together, we will share some of the stories, memories and hopes associated with these important people. Children and adults will work together to create a ring of family photos to help tell these stories. There will be time to read, peruse and discuss recommended picture books.

    Session 3: Celebrating Community (May 14th at 10:30am)
    A community is a group of people that live, learn or play together. In this session, participants will consider the playgrounds in our community where families gather and children play. We will read Maisy Goes To The Playground by Lucy Cousins and The Children at the Playground by Tracey M. Cox.  Then, we will work together to design an imaginary playground that would be a fun, safe place to play with friends and family. We will share playground stories, and learn about some of the different playgrounds in Brookline.

    Please feel free to share this event within your network.

    Thank you,

    Katrina Lazarte

    Graduate Intern
    Brookline Dept. of Public Health


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