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    Harold Price

    Calling all scientists! The Devotion Science Fair will be on Saturday March 12th, 2016 at the Devotion School. The Science Fair is a fun and exciting day full of amazing student science projects and an Expo with great hands on activities, demonstrations, and interactive games. We invite all kids to explore an idea, question, or experiment YOU are EXCITED about! There will be lots more information coming soon (mid-January) about what a science fair project is, how to think up and test you idea, and how to present your results.

    In addition to the Science Fair, there will also be a Science Expo. This year’s Expo theme is “The Science of the Environment”. At the Expo you can learn about how we can help the environment, how what we do affects the environment, and about exciting new technologies that scientists are dreaming up to make the world a better place. Your project does not have to be about the environment. It can be about anything you like!

    This event is open to all students throughout Brookline, grades K-8. The registration website will open soon. You’ll be getting more info in January. GO SCIENCE!

    Please contact Chris Dulla at for more information.

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