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    Harold Price

    Dear Middle School Vocalist,

    I am writing to tell you about an exciting singing group that is free of charge and a chorus of the Brookline Schools.  It is open to students in grades 5-8.  Your chorus teacher recommended you for your singing ability and your excellent participation in your school’s chorus for the “Voices of Brookline”.  This Town-Wide Chorus has existed for many years dating back to the 1970’s but we recently changed our name to better reflect the spirit of our group.   We meet Mondays at the Lawrence School from 3:30-4:30 P.M. and we perform two major concerts a year.  We have other engagements as well.  In the past we have sung as a children’s chorus for an opera, participated in a choral invitational, traveled to Six Flag’s Amusement Park for a Chorus Competition, recorded with a local band, combined forces with the Brookline Youth Orchestra for Queen, and Beatles’Medleys, and have performed at many local events.

    If you love to sing this is the group for you! We will have our first rehearsal on Monday, September 21 at 3:30 P.M. at the Lawrence School at 27 Francis Street.  There will be a short audition to place you in a chorus section and all singers will be asked to sing “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables.  We will go over the song at the audition but you can listen to it on You Tube so that you are well prepared.

    I look forward to meeting our new singers and cannot wait to see our returning singers!  If you have a question or if mom or dad needs more information please feel free to contact me, Holly Ahearn at holly_ahearn@brookline.k12.ma.us.


    Holly Ahearn
    Voices of Brookline Conductor

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