Principal’s Corner

Dear Lawrence Families + Caregivers:

I am writing to you with a few updates.

Our 8th graders are going on an off-site trip on Tuesday, October 10th to Project Adventure in Beverly from 8 am – 4pm. The bus leaves PROMPTLY at 8 am. Students need to bring a bagged lunch, snacks and water to keep hydrated. We also recommend packing some layers, including a rain jacket. Please remember to get your 8th grader to school before 8:00 a.m. so they will not miss the bus.

Kirsten Alper has been hard at work preparing our new school website.  Ms. Alper garnered important feedback from School Council in the last year and I think you all with be pleased with the final product.  It looks great!  Teachers are updating their grade level pages in the coming days so continue to check back for new content.

On another note, I have been reflecting a lot on feedback I’ve received regarding the October 16th proposal for our school doors to be locked at 4pm. I am going to take a pause on this right now. While, I still have concerns about the doors being unlocked and feel strongly that this is a decision that we need to face sooner rather than later, I am able to step back, listen, and hear, that we as a community, are not ready to properly implement this plan at this time. We have not yet figured out how to support the needs of our after school programming in a way that is fair to them and the integrity of their program while having the doors closed during their dismissal. I have spoken with multiple district stakeholders about these concerns and we are working together to figure out next steps, but the plan will not be able to be activated by 10/16. Therefore, the door policy will not be going into effect on that day.

Lawrence is a beautiful, welcoming community that I have very quickly come to love. I want you to know that I value your input, I am listening hard to your insights and I understand that this is an issue far greater than one person making a decision. While there will be some decisions in the future that I will make unilaterally as the school’s leader that you may not agree with, I ask that all of us continue to assume best intentions and seek clarity in moments when things are not clear. I will plan to seek further input from School Council and PTO on how to implement a door policy at a later time in the year. Thank you for your feedback and helping me to see multiple points of view.

Take care,


Looking ahead:

  • No School – October 9th.
  • Grade 6 – 8 Progress Reports will be published in the Parent Portal after school on October 12th.
  • Food Day Festival is October 19th.
  • Next School Council Meeting is November 4th.

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