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Hello all –

Summer is still holding on and I am loving it – I hope you are too!  I was out at recess today and it was great to see the kids enjoying the day.  Things are going well here at Lawrence, we are beginning to get into our daily rhythm and there is a lot of academic momentum.  Laura Horst and I did a walk through of the building this week and we were able to see lots of rigorous, dynamic and fun learning happening.  

There was a well-planned (and well attended) PTO meeting this morning in the Library.  Our PTO leadership team has been very organized and thoughtful in all of their work. Hearing plans about all of the events that are coming up was very exciting and inspiring – wait until you see the poster for the Food Day Festival on Oct. 19th!  PTO also put together a bookmark with all of our school based, PTO events listed – super clever – extras are located on the PTO bulletin board outside of the Main Office. 

I have a few important items of interest to share with you:

K-5 Open House is tomorrow (Wednesday, 9/27) from 6- 7:15.  

Here is a rundown of our evening together….

Childcare: There will childcare in the Cafeteria and Big Gym for those families who are interested. We will have students who are trained babysitters and staff to supervise as well. Families pay $5 per child (no more than $15 per family for the evening). There will be games, arts + crafts and a PG movie playing. Families are expected to pick up their children promptly at 7:15PM in the cafeteria.  Karen Miller and Laura Horst are the point people for childcare; please connect with them directly if you have any questions.

6 – 6:30 – Meet the Specialists (in the library): There will be a list posted in the entrance way indicating which specialists will be in the library for a meet and greet. They will be in the library from 6-6:30PM to meet with families + caregivers.

Main Lobby: Allyson Hart and Laura Horst will be stationed in the main lobby to greet families and welcome you! 

6:30 – 6:35 – Transition to classrooms.

Classroom Presentations:  We have allotted time for classroom presentations from 6:35-7:10, with a firm stop to the evening at 7:15. We will make an announcement over the PA system at the end of the evening to signal the end of Open House.

Information Sharing + Upcoming……

*Early morning sports began on Wednesday, September 27th! This year, we will have Early Morning Sports every Wednesday and Friday and any student in grades 3rd – 8h are welcome to join! If your child is interested please have them join us at 7:10 in the Big Gym! For more information please email Jacob Woodarek at We look forward to seeing your child at Early Morning Sports!

*Our 6-8 Open House is scheduled for October 5th – More details on the format to come!  Mark your calendars.

*Please update your child’s online profile in ASPEN, via the parent portal.  While information added to the blue forms is helpful to the nurse, we still need you to update this same information in ASPEN. 


Thanks for all that you do,

Allyson Hart + Laura Horst

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