Principal’s Corner

Important Dates:

June 13 -Heath School will host a LGBTQ+ Parent Forum (led by Greater Boston PFLAG). at the Heath School, 6:30pm-8:00pm and open to all families.

June 21 – 4:00 PM – 8th Grade Graduation

8th grade graduation is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21 at 4PM with a reception in the front of the school beginning at approximately 5:15PM.

The front doors of the school will be open for dismissal of students and parent pick up from 2:30 – 3PM. At 3PM, we plan to close the front doors

and redirect traffic in and out of the building to the side doors. We will have volunteers decorating and setting up tables promptly at 3PM and will

rope off the area at that time. Please help us by having kids remain in the playground area and not disturb volunteers working after 3PM.

Front doors will be reopened at 3:45PM to welcome 8th families to the auditorium for graduation.

June 23 – Last Day of School – noon – dismissal – Please Note – No lunch is served. Please also make arrangements for pick up!

The Habit of Mind for this edition is:


What is it? – Continually learning. Seeking solutions to questions. Being curious.

Sounds like – “I wonder…?”, “What if?”, “If I change this what will happen?”

Looks like – Always thinking and enjoying learning new things. Seeking out new ideas and solutions.

Feels like – I love to learn new things! Solving problems is enjoyable and fun. Feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Intelligent people are always in a continuous learning mode. Their confidence, in combination with their inquisitiveness, allows them to constantly search for new and better ways. People with this habit of mind are always striving for improvement, growing, learning, and modifying and improving themselves. They seize problems, situations, tensions, conflicts, and circumstances as valuable opportunities to learn.
A great mystery of humans is that many times we confront learning opportunities with fear rather than mystery and wonder. Our wish is for creative students and people who are eager to learn. The habit of mind includes the humility of knowing that we don’t know, which is the highest form of thinking we will ever learn.

Information on Habits of Mind are taken from the book Habits of Mind by Costa and Kallick.

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