Principal’s Corner: Seeking School Council Members, Art Show, JRFH and HOM Clarity and Precision

Dear Lawrence Families,

Seeking School Council Members
You are invited to submit a Statement of Interest to serve as a parent representative on the Lawrence School Council.  School Council parent positions are held for two year terms.  Two parent terms will be ending this spring, and can be filled by returning or new parent representatives.

Any parent is welcome to run for School Council.  Applications will be accepted through May 5th. A school wide election will be held per the Massachusetts Department of Education guidelines (via a google survey).  Parents elected for next year are encouraged to attend the School Council meeting on Tues, June 6th at 8am.

School Council meets once a month on Tuesday mornings from 8-9am with limited work in between.  School councils were established in all Massachusetts schools as part of the 1993 Education Reform Act.  They must include an equal number of parents and educators. Parent representatives are elected by the parents.  At Lawrence, one of the five parent representatives is always a PTO Co-President. According to law, the School Council acts in an advisory capacity to the principal on matters related to school improvement and helps to identify school goals and develop the annual school improvement plan.  Meetings are open to the whole Lawrence community.

The  School Council is a place where parents and teachers can talk together about the big picture vision for the school.  Parent representatives are asked to think about the needs of the school as a whole and to represent the needs of all children in the school.  Meetings are used to develop and review the school improvement plan.

If you would like to serve on School Council, please email a Statement of Interest to Warren Blair at . For questions, please contact Grace Fehrenbach ( or Keith Carson (
Art Show
A BIG thanks to our fantastic student artists, wonderful art teachers and everyone that volunteered to help with the Art Show. What a great evening!

Jump Rope for Heart (JRFH)
A BIG thank you to our student participants, our PE department and our families for their support of this great event! Your generosity raised $1943.00 for the Heart Association! This total was $263 more than last year and $60.00 over our goal. Thank you for making a difference!

The Art Show and JRFH are more great examples of Lawrence Loyalty!

Habits of Mind (HOM)
I encourage you to use the Habits of Mind as a topic of discussion with your family. Please share how you developed this HOM over the years and help explain the importance of the HOM and how you use it in your life. The use of stories is a powerful way to support all learning.


What is it? –  Being very precise with our communications, avoiding exaggeration or understatements, being clearly understood. Including important details without too much detail.

Sounds like – “What you will need to know to successfully complete this task is the following.” “Today we accomplished this….because…….” “I understand what you are saying!” “Your being clear helps me to……”

Looks like – Facing one another. Eye contact. Nodding.

Feels like – This person provided me with enough information so that I clearly understand. This person cares enough to really explain this to me. Understanding, Comforting, Trusting, Precise, Clear

We want students to learn to be precise and clear with their language. This enhances their cognitive ability and provides for taking appropriate actions. Enriching the complexity of and specificity of language simultaneously produces effective thinking. Language and thinking are closely entwined; like the side of a coin, they are inseparable. Intelligent people strive to communicate accurately in written and oral form, taking care to use precise language; defining terms; and correct names, labels, and analogies. They strive to avoid over generalizations, deletions, and distortions. We sometimes hear students and other adults using vague and imprecise language. They use nondescriptive words, vague nouns and pronouns, and/or nonspecific verbs that hinder understanding and undermine their ability to communicate effectively. Being precise shows clear thinking.

“I do not so easily think in words……after being hard at work having arrived at results that are perfectly clear…… I have to translate my thoughts in a language that does not run evenly with them.” Francis Galtron, Geneticist

“Nothing is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood.” Jr. Teague

Information on Habits of Mind are taken from the book Habits of Mind by Costa and Kallick.

June 23 – Last Day of School

Please make note that due to our 4 snow days this year the last day of school will be June 23. Hopefully we will not need to move the last day to June 26 in case of another snow day.

Upcoming dates include:

April 14 – Good Friday – No School

April 17-21 – April Break – No School

April 25 – 7:00-8:00 PM – PTO Meeting –  Library

April 27 – 8:05 – 9:00 AM – Principal Forum – Deb Caruso will be presenting on the Zones of Regulation Work she is doing with our staff and students. Please plan on attending!

April 27 – 2:30-7:00 PM Evening Conferences

April 28 – 6:00-8:00 PM – International Night!


Sincerely, Warren Blair

“Remember that whining never solves problems.” Melissa, age 13


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