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Dear Lawrence Families,

Please have discussions on the Habits of Mind with your family. It is beneficial to share how you learned and developed the HOM’s and how you.use them in your personal and professional life.
The Habit of Mind for this week is:


What is it? – Thinking about your own thinking. Knowing what you know and what you don’t know. Self evaluation.

Sounds like – “Right now I’m wondering….”. “My strategy is….”, “I know this, but I don’t know this”. “Because I know this…I’m going to try this…..”

Looks like – Attending. Staying on focus. Asking questions. Analyzing. Reflecting. Trying new ways.

Feels like – “Ah-ha!” “I know that”. “I don’t know that.” “I know, I’ll try this.”

Occurring in the neocortex, metacognition, or thinking about thinking, is our ability to plan a strategy for producing what information is needed, to be conscience or our own steps and strategies during the act of problem solving. The major components of metacognition are developing a plan of action, maintaining that plan in mind over a period of time, and then reflection on and evaluating the plan upon its completion. Intelligent people plan for, reflect on, and evaluate the quality of their own thinking skills and strategies. We want students to perform well on complex cognitive tasks. We want students to connect their learning to what they know and what they do not know. This inner awareness and the strategy of, thinking about your thinking, helps students solve complex tasks.

“When the mind is thinking it is talking to itself.” Plato

Information on Habits of Mind are taken from the book Habits of Mind by Costa and Kallick.

Lawrence Food Drive for Syria – March 6-10

Please bring non-perishable food items to the Lobby of Lawrence from March 6-10. We will have boxes for you to place your donations. For more information please see below. To help with the drive please contact Tiffany Gall via email at
NuDay Syria is a local organization started in New Hampshire that is able to get goods into Syria for the many people in need. Last month a container shipment went out filled with blankets, sleeping bags, socks, coats and more. The next container will be leaving in March/April and we are hoping to focus more on food. The many items needed are baby food, canned vegetables, sardines, lentils, beans, rice, infant formula, tuna and protein bars. To find out more about NuDay Syria and the work they are doing please go to
Thanks so much for your generosity and support.

February 27 – Students return
February 28 – 8:05 – PTO
March 2 – 8:05 – Principal’s Forum, Library – Library Overview of Discipline with Love and Logic
March 6-10 – Lawrence Food Drive for Syria, please see the PTO website for more information
March 7 – 8:05 – School Council, Library

Sincerely, Warren Blair

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