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Dear Lawrence Families,

I have always found that taking the time to eat dinner with my family to be really important. My wife and I made it a committment to eat at least 4-5 dinners together each week with our children. As our children got older and started in high school this was a bit more difficult. However, by being flexible and making it a priority we still managed to have at least 2-3 dinners together each week. The conversations, and being able to connect, helped provide a sense of grounding for us in our busy lives. Today my children are in college and they still value our time together at dinner. Family dinnertime was one of the best things we ever did as parents.

Over the years there seems to be more and more research on the benefits of having family dinners.

I have attached an article from the Washington Post by Anne Fishel, a co-founder of The Family Dinner Project, a professor at Harvard Medical School and the author of “Home for Dinner.” for reference.


Here are some highlights:
For young children dinnertime conversations boost vocabulary even more than being read aloud to.

For older children, regular mealtime is a powerful predictor of high achievement scores than time spent in school, doing homework, playing sports or doing art.
Adolescents who ate family meals five to seven times a week were twice as likely to get A’s in school than those who ate dinner with families less than two times a week.
Young adults who ate regular family meals are less likely to be obese, more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables and are more likely to eat healthy as they live on their own.
Family mealtime also shows a connection with young adults not engaging in at risk behaviors, drug use, smoking, drinking, eating disorders, etc. and had many lower rates of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Family mealtime also provides a direct correlation in adolescents of positive behaviors, not just the absence of bad ones. This includes an increase in positive moods and in a more positive view of the future.

Tertulia in the library! EWL teachers would like to invite any parents and members of the Lawrence community to join them for an informal social hour and chat after school on Tuesday, January 31st. Feel free to pop in at any point between 2:45-3:45.
Lawrence Attendance Line! 617-879-4343 – Please add this number to your contacts!
Starting February 6, 2017 Lawrence will join the other Public Schools of Brookline in using an automated phone system for attendance calls. These will be on our website for future reference.

Warren L. Blair

“Never mention ice cream while you’re baby-sitting if you’re not sure there’s some in the freezer.” Michelle, age 12

January 31 – 2:45-3:45 pm – Informal Chat with the WL teachers
February 3 – PTO Family Fun Night
February 6 – Winter String Concert – 7:00 PM
February 7 – School Council – 8:05 AM, Library

Sincerely, Warren Blair

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