Principal’s Corner

Dear Lawrence Families,
Happy New Year!

I don’t know if your family likes to set goals on New Year’s. My family does. We each write 5 goals we’d like to accomplish for the upcoming year and review the five goals we set last year (we keep them in a special place). We set goals we feel we can accomplish and some “reach” goals, those that will be harder. An important part of this process is to identify the 2-5 action steps you must take to achieve each goal. The famous football coach, Lou Holtz, wrote a list of 100 things he wanted to accomplish over his life. While this is a different take on setting yearly goals it can be a valuable exercise and a road map for the future. However you choose to set your goals, I believe that goal setting is an important part of how we achieve our hopes and dreams. I encourage you to start with what makes sense for you and to have fun!

Lawrence Attendance Line!
Starting February 6, 2017 Lawrence will join the other Public Schools of Brookline in using an automated phone system for attendance calls. More information will be posted soon on the website, the handbook and in these Principal Corner updates. Please look for them! Until then please use our current system!


Warren L. Blair

“Set daily, monthly, and long term goals and dreams. Don’t ever be afraid to dream too big. Nothing is impossible. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve it.” Nastia Liukin, Olympic Gymnast

January 3 – Students Return
January 5 – 2:30-3:00 – Paper Crane making in the Lobby
January 6 – 1:40-2:10 – Paper Crane making in the Lobby
January 10 – 8:00am – School Council Meeting
January 10 – 6:00pm – Lawrence Latino Cultural Group Meeting
January 16 – No School – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 20 – Principal Forum with special guest, Superintendent Andrew Bott, 8:05am – Lawrence Library

Sincerely, Warren Blair

“People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.” Brian Tracy

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