Principal’s Corner

Dear Lawrence Families,

Updates from Margie! Safety First (and before convenience)! Please keep Live Parking live! Please do NOT park and leave your car in the Live Parking Zone. This creates problems for anyone else needing Live Parking. If you must get out of your car, PLEASE park on a street near the school and walk in! Margie would also like to inform you to not make u-turns or turn around in driveways. Your consideration of others and your modeling for your children is much appreciated! Who is Margie? She’s our awesome Crossing Guard! She doesn’t want to have the BPD ticket for violations so…….Thanks for being considerate!

Office update – Safety First! Please also check into the office once you are “buzzed” into the door during the school day. This is best practice as we strive to keep our school safe. Even if we know you, please check in!

Per the Lawrence School handbook the following policy is in place:

Parent/Visitor Sign-In  – During the school day we ask that parents and visitors sign in at the office. This helps us maintain school safety and reduce interruptions to class. The office will arrange delivery or pick-up of forgotten lunches or materials.  

Tardy Updates! Yes, I was hoping to never have to mention this again. However, tardies are back up to over 40 a day (we had been at 12-15). Please ensure that your child is at school prior to 7:55! This is a good habit to model for our children. Thanks to the 680 students that get here on time virtually everyday! We can all do this and of course there are exceptions as life happens. However being continually tardy can be corrected.

Breaking the Cycle of Racism – Part 2

Have you had the chance to have a conversation about race over the past 3 weeks?

More excerpts and thoughts from Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum

The Cycle of Racism starts young and is reinforced through socialization. We all participate and the cycle is internalized. The cycle is always operational and it systematically advantages some and disadvantages others. We make assumptions about who should be in charge from our socialization experiences. The cycle of racism is not our fault but it is our responsibility! It can be interrupted through the strength of our experience and and the challenge of our experience. We can make changes. This includes examination of the assumption of our language. Each of these statements can be used as a discussion point. An activity Dr. Tatum asked us to do was to answer privately these three questions: 1. How old were you when you first had a memory about race? 2. What emotion did you have? 3. Did you talk to anyone about it? In her experience most people had never talked about this very first memory of race. These questions can be another potential topic for discussion. Dr. Tatum concluded with her ABC’s.

A- Affirming Identity – Where am I in the picture? Do I belong? Where are others in the picture? Do they feel they belong?

B – Building Community – How am I helping to break the cycle of racism?

C – Cultivating Leadership – Are there people willing to help lead this work? How can you help lead this work (with yourself, your family, your workplace, your community and beyond)?

I hope you are intrigued about understand and helping break the cycle of racism. I would refer you to Dr Tatum’s books as a resource. Of course there are many other resources available on this topic.

Let’s start with the ABC’s and with courageous conversations. It is at times solemn and, at all times, important.

Monday, December 5 – PTO Phone-a-Thon Fundraiser – Thank you!
Tuesday, December 6 – 8:00-9:00 School Council – Library
Wednesday, December 6  – 12:40 Dismissal, K-8 – Movie Day – Sign up online
Friday, December 9 – PTO Staff Appreciation Lunch – Check with PTO
Friday, December 9 – 1:40 pm Gingerbread House making fundraiser for 8th grade NYC Field Trip,
Thursday, December 15 – 2:30 – 4:00 – Japanese Food Fair  
TerraCycle Drive – Dec. 13, 14, 15 in Lobby – Our Green Team of parents is working with the TerraCycle’s program for recycling cosmetic product containers (such as lipstick tubes, makeup compacts, mascara tubes, deodorant containers, etc)  and oral care products (think used toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, floss containers, etc):
December 20 and 21 – Our Green Team of parents is doing a gently used clothes and coat drive in the lobby
December 23  – January 2  – Winter Break – Students return on January 3.

 Sincerely, Warren Blair   

“Don’t be discouraged if you’re not always perfect on the first try.” Jenna, Age 10


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