Honoring Our Retirees

Honoring Our Retirees:
Pam Charpentier & Amy Nevis
Thursday, June 12, 2014
5:00-6:00 pm – Library

(The tribute will be held rain or shine – even if the Spring Picnic is postponed.)

Pam Charpentier teaches grades 6-7 Social Studies.  She has been at Lawrence for the past 17 years and has worked in Brookline for 20 years. She began teaching fifth grade and moved to sixth grade in 2002.  Prior to working at Lawrence, Pam was a math specialist and third grade teacher at Runkle School.  Pam had a first career in professional theatre, working for 20 years as a costume designer and production manager.

Pam has been a master teacher, who combines a passion for her content area with her caring and commitment to her students.  She understands and loves early adolescents, forming strong relationships with students – appreciating them for who they are and nurturing and pushing them to become more. Like a good parent, she holds them accountable, but lets them know sheloves them. Pam’s love of ancient history and geography wasimmediately apparent and was infectious to her students. Shebrought the Greeks, the Romans and comparative religion to life for a generation of students.  The words of Bill Bigelow from Rethinking Schools capture what I am trying to describe: “Teach about what matters. Our job is to excite students about the world, to help them see the role that they can play in making society more equal and more just, to express their ideas powerfully, to see that social studies is about real people’s lives and about their relationship to each other and to nature.” Pam did just that.

We are proud of the cohesive grades 6-8 middle school model at Lawrence and Pam has played a key role in its creation, throughher skillful facilitation of advisory, her collaborative work with her colleagues and her advocacy for students as they move from sixth to seventh grade.

We will miss Pam’s love of history and geography, her fierce commitment to her students, and her presence as a highly respected member of the faculty.

Amy Nevis is our Special Education Team Facilitator.   Amy has worked in Brookline for 11 years, as a special education administrator for four years and then a team facilitator for the past 7 years. Throughout this time, Lawrence School was a constant as one of the schools under her responsibility.  Five years ago, Amy became full-time at Lawrence.   Prior to working in Brookline, Amy served as the Executive Director of the Judge Baker Children’s Center for 23 years.   During this period, Amy was a Lawrence parent, serving for a time as the Chair of the LEDP Board.

Amy’s quiet, but strong, commitment to children’s right to a free and appropriate education has made this abstract legal concept a reality at Lawrence School. Her skillful work and leadership has helped support a truly inclusive learning environment in our school. Amy has drawn on her experience and expertise to provide skillful facilitation of meetings, supportive communication with parents, effective consultation to special education staff, and outstanding organizational skills overseeing the testing and planning for all of our students with special needs.

Amy has also been a trusted and valued member of our school’s administrative team. I will miss her wise counsel and support tremendously.

Rick Rogers



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