Principal’s Corner

Dear Lawrence Families,

A BIG thank you for all of your support for the Food Fair! Parent volunteers are so important for our events. We appreciate the organization and preparation, set up, clean up and whatever other help you provided. Thanks for making the events at Lawrence happen! We simply can’t do these without you!

With the Presidential Election just around the corner I want to ask your help. Students need our guidance in making sense of the world. With all of the rhetoric, negativity and divisiveness in the news I believe that our students will need support in making sense of what they are hearing. This is particularly important if they have questions about how what is being said will impact their families, themselves and their friends.

Our teachers are listening to their students to monitor what support or classroom discussion they may need to provide. Teachers may choose to hold brief discussions on how what students are hearing is impacting them at school or in the greater community.

If a classroom seems to need this type of discussion teachers are using age appropriate talks during advise or classroom meeting time. The message we want to share is that: 1. All people are valued and welcome in our schools. 2. All people deserve to treated respectfully, especially at school and hopefully by our political  leaders. 3. Students should talk with their parents as their primary sense makers.  4. Students should support each other by engaging respectfully. 5. Students should seek support from teachers and staff at school if they have questions or hear issues at school. Teachers have many resources including, . Thank you for helping your child make sense of what they are hearing and feeling. Your conversations, expectations and role modeling is invaluable. I might start with one of these questions: “What are you thinking about the election?”, What concerns do you have?”, “What questions do you have?” What information would you like?” Listen, paraphrase, and answer in an age appropriate manner as openly and as factually as you can.

I think it would be accurate to state that this is the most divisive and negative election process the United States has experienced in many years, and maybe ever.  It seems that everyday the news reports something that could divide us further as a nation. Public Schools must remain neutral on elections. However, we all know that schools need to be a place of tolerance, respect and acceptance of all students and families. As such, we strive to ensure that everyone is welcome.

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, October 25 – PTO Meeting, 7:00-8:00pm, Library

Monday, October 31 – K-2 Parade, 2:00pm

Tuesday, November 1 – School Council, 8:00-9:00am, Library

Thursday, November 3 – Principal’s Forum, 8:00-9:00, Library


Warren Blair
Laura Horst

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