Overview of the School Year

Overview of the School Year

PTO Meeting
Tuesday, September 29 – 8:00 am – Library

Please join Laura Horst and me as we present a report on the opening of school and a brief overview of our school’s priorities for continuous improvement in the coming year.

Focus Areas

Cultivating Habits of Mind for Learning

  • We will explore a school-wide focus on creating what Ron Ritchhart calls “cultures of thinking,” drawing on his books Making Thinking Visible and Creating Cultures of Thinking.
  • The faculty will continue to work in self-selected vertical study groups on different aspects of habits of mind with some adjustments made in study group membership and focus.

Utilizing Technology to Enhance Teaching & Learning

  • The School Council will finalize a vision statement for the use of technology in order to support more intentional and explicit decisions about how and when to use technology.
  • The faculty will organize into vertical action research groups to foster exploration, innovation and implementation of new and expanded use of technology.

Other School Improvement Plan Goals


  • We will begin to implement new writing “units of study” developed by Lucy Calkins and Teachers College Reading and Writing Project in grades K-5.
  • We will continue to provide grade level specific coaching and consultation K-8.
  • Gr. 6-8 English teachers will participate in professional development with their middle school colleagues at Runkle and Heath.
  • The Literacy Team will continue to assess the progress of our literacy initiative, work on clarifying our Response to Intervention (RTI) model, and continue parent outreach work.

Common Assessments

  • We will continue the grade level team work begun last year to use results from common assessments to plan for differentiated instruction by adding at least one new assessment.
  • Additional time will be provided this year for ideas and results to be shared across grade levels.

Safe, Just and Caring Community

  • Our Olweus Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee will continue to use OBQ Bullying Survey Results to make adjustments to our supervisory plan and to identify topics that need to be addressed with students.  An area of interest this year is in raising student awareness about how to respond if they see bullying or bullying-like behavior.
  • Specialists and students services staff will continue to participate monthly in Olweus class meetings in one classroom or advisory.
  • We will continue to focus on planning lessons to better meet the needs of students who may have more difficulty accessing Olweus discussions (such as our many English Language Learners)

Rick Rogers

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