Principal’s Corner

Dear Lawrence Families,

We’d like to thank the PTO for the great New Family Welcome and the Fall Picnic! These are two great events for our families as we start the year. Thank you for setting learning and behavior expectations with your children.


  • Open Houses are coming! We hope you will be able to attend.
  • September 15 ­ 8th grade to George’s Island!
  • September 15, 6:00­7:30 ­ Open House for K­2
  • School Start Time and Tardies ­ We are doing better on tardies! We started with over 40 each day and on Friday we had 23. Please plan on having your chi​ldren here b​y 7:50am so they are in class at 8:00am. Students tell us that they do not like to be late to class!
  • Parking ­ Please pay close attention to the parking procedures. Our neighbors and staff really appreciate parents following these procedures. Thank you for only parking in identified areas and for using the pickup and drop off correctly. Do not park on street corners or in front of driveways and do NOT​ use Newell Rd! These procedures are for everyone’s safety!
  • Please remember that school dismisses every Fridays at 1:40pm.
  • Please refer to previous Principal Corners for more information on school involvement, PTO etc.
  • Habits of Mind! 16 habits of thinking that all successful people develop and use daily. Watch for HOM’s to added to the PTO website soon and referenced in the Principal’s Corner!
  • “When you jump down stairs, take your hands out of your pockets!” Philip, age 11
  • Philip also says that he hates to be late to class!

Sincerely, Warren Blair

Laura Horst

Log in to the Aspen Parent Portal. Go to​ and enter your user name and password.

**Usernames are typically lastnamefirstinitial (Tom Jones would be jonest).** If you do not know your user name and password, look for the email that you were sent by the district. If you still can’t find it, please email
d​​ to request them


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