Welcome Incoming Kindergarten Students & Families!

PTO Says Thank You to Monica Crowley
Tuesday, June 3
7:45-8:30 am
(PTO Meeting to begin at 8:30)

Please drop in for coffee, a breakfast treat, and to say thank you to Vice Principal Monica Crowley for her six years of caring and skilled leadership at Lawrence School.

Welcome Incoming Kindergarten Students & Families!

In this week’s column, we extend a warm welcome to the new students and their families who are entering Kindergarten next year – the high school graduating class of 2027!   Kindergarten “Peek & Practice” (Visitation Day) is Wednesday, June 4.  Please note that this year’s Kindergarten classes will dismiss at 12:00 noon on that day. 

We are pleased that you and your child will be joining us next year.  Lawrence is a safe, just and caring community of students in which we work to create a strong sense of belonging for each child. Students learn to respect themselves and others and to value and honor thediversity of cultures, backgrounds, and learning differences.  We strive to create a life-long love of learning and develop the habits of mind, knowledge, and skills to promote continuous learning and a voice for self-expression.

Families are valued as partners and play a very active role in the school. Here are some ways to stay informed and get involved:

  • Refer to the PTO Summer Mailing (sent home in August).
  • Sign-up for PTO Email & Check School Website:  The PTO sends out a weekly “Monday Update” email with weekly announcements and a link to thePrincipal & Vice Principal’s Corner published weekly on the school’s website.
  • Attend PTO Meetings held a few times a year (a mix of mornings and evenings) and focused on a topic of interest to parents.
  • Attend Principal’s Forums held several times during the year at 8:00 a.m. These usually begin with a focus topic, but always include time for informal Q&A.
  • Volunteer:   Refer to the Parent Volunteer Opportunities in the summer mailingto sign-up.
  • Support the PTO:  There are many ways that parents enhance the school by providing resources, programs, and other opportunities for students, staff and parents that would not otherwise exist.  I urge you to join and support the PTO next year.

We hope you and your child enjoy your visit with us. We will look forward to seeing your child again in September.

Rick Rogers

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