School Survey Results

School Survey Results

Last January, the Public Schools of Brookline conducted school surveys with staff and families.  Participation at Lawrence was high with 65 staff (74%) and 308 families (65%) completing the survey.  Results were published in March and are available at:

Survey results have been reviewed and discussed by our Faculty Planning Team and School Council. These results will inform our school improvement plan, as well as the use of professional learning time for faculty next year.

Here are a few highlights from the results.

School Culture & Engagement was generally rated high (90% or more agreed). This area covered levels of trust, staff morale, order and discipline, and sensitivity to issues regarding race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, & socioeconomic status.  On school-specific questions about the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, 87% of families and 95% of staff agreed the program is helping to support a safe, just, and caring community at Lawrence.  98% of staff agreed they liked working at Lawrence and 92% of families reported their child likes going to school

Excellence in Education

Overall, staff (98%) and families (93%) expressed satisfaction with the quality of education provided to students.

The area of Technology was one that we will be focusing on in our new school improvement plan. 79% of families reported satisfaction with their child’s access to technology. 85% of staff reported satisfaction with access to technology.   On a school-specific open-ended question about technology, both parents (21%) and staff (53%) reported a desire for more devices.  49% of staff also reported a desire for additional professional learning in this area. In an important counterpoint, 16% of parents commented that there is already too much emphasis or time spent on technology.

On school-specific question about Habits of Mind, 88% of staff and 82% of families agreed the school was helping students develop the habits of mind necessary to be successful learners.  80% of staff and 71% of families agreed that students were benefitting from the school’s recent focus on Literacy in grades 3-5.

One area that emerged as needing a deeper look was Academic Challenge.  Only 75% of families agreed their child is challenged to high expectations.  Academic challenge was the most often cited area mentioned among the open-response comments by parents (34 comments).  We are in the process of planning parent focus groups in order to better understand these concerns.

School Leadership was generally rated high (88%-94%) with staff agreeing that they felt supported by administrators, that administrators were aware of what is happening in classrooms and provide regular and helpful feedback about teaching.   Families reported feeling well informed about what is happening in school (89%) and that administrators collaborate effectively with families to address student needs or concerns (87%).   A handful of comments suggested communication from school and PTO be more streamlined.

One area we are looking at is how well informed families feel about their child’s education. Only 67% of parents in grades 6-8 felt they had sufficient information about how their child was doing prior to receiving report cards. We need more information about what parents are looking for – given that mid-quarter progress reports and biweekly missing work posts are already provided.  76% of grades 3-5 parents felt informed before receiving a progress report.

I would like to thank everyone who took time to complete this important survey.  Having such a high level of participation increases our confidence in the results.   Please know these results are already being put to use in our ongoing school improvement planning.

Rick Rogers

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