May MCAS Testing

May MCAS Testing

The second phase of annual MCAS testing resumes this week.   All students in grades 3-8 are tested in mathematics. Students in grades 5 and 8 are also tested in science.   The schedule is:

  • Gr. 3 & 5 Mathematics:  May 4 & 5
  • Gr. 6 & 8 Mathematics:  May 7 & 8
  • Gr. 4 & 7 Mathematics: May 11 & 12
  • Gr. 5 & 8 Science – May 13 & 14

Lawrence Teachers Awarded BEF Grant

Congratulations to this year’s BEF Teacher Grant Recipients:

Maggie Russell for her grant “Japan.”  Maggie will travel to Japan this summer along with this year’s SET-J teacher, Keryn Gannon.   SET-J sends a Lawrence teacher to Japan each year for a ten-day visit.  This grant will enable the two second grade teachers to go together – a unique opportunity for collaboration since they both teach a unit on Japan as part of the second grade social studies curriculum.

Maggie received the additional honor of wining this year’s Adam Russell Gelfand Award, which recognizes a teacher whose grant is thoughtfully written, addresses the areas of geography, mathematics or poetry, and encourages innovation in teaching.  The committee was particularly impressed with her plans to research areas in which her students have expressed interest.  Maggie joins past Lawrence winners of this award: Zoe Kern (2011), Alicia Hsu (2009), Sharon Kiernan (2008) and Justin Brown (2006).

Vicki LaRiccia and Gabby Mahesh for their grant “Time for the Mind:  Drawing Students to the Present Moment by Creating Mindful Classrooms.”  Vicki and Gabby are special educators who teach our Comprehensive Learning Center (CLC) programs in Gr. 6-8 and Gr. 4-5 respectively.  They will attend a summer conference called “The Still Small Voice Within: Meditation, Focusing and Intuition Training” at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Sturbridge, MA.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Recently, a new Global Teacher Award made news by awarding $1 million to Nancie Atwell, a middle school English teacher in Maine and a nationally recognized figure on teaching reading and writing to middle school students. In presenting the award, former President Bill Clinton, said, “I think the greatest thing this prize has done is to reawaken the world’s appreciation of the importance of teachers.”

As we head into National Teacher Appreciation Week, I don’t need a $1 million prize to remind me how important teachers are. I see and sense the impact every day that the caring, intelligent and passionate group of educators have on our students.  They make Lawrence School the vibrant learning community it is.

Our PTO will express the community’s appreciation by providing a special luncheon for staff on Friday.  If you’d like to express appreciation personally,  I invite you to send your child’s teacher a note or have your child make a card.  With apologies for an overused advertising slogan, these words of appreciation are priceless.

Rick Rogers

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