Brookline Education Foundation Grant Recipients

MCAS May Testing Schedule

  • Gr. 3 & 5 Math – May 9 & 10
  • Gr. 6 & 8 Math – May 11 & 12
  • Gr. 4 & 7 Math – May 16 & 17
  • Gr. 5 & 8 Science – May 18 & 19

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week marks National Teacher Appreciation Week. I feel fortunate every day to work with such a caring and reflective faculty who are passionate about what they do and who are creative and talented in their work.  It is the expertise and mindset of our teachers that make this school such a special place.

This is a great time for you or your child to send a card, note or email to let your child’s teacher know what you appreciate.  On Friday, our PTO will provide a Staff Appreciation luncheon.

Brookline Education Foundation Grant Recipients

Speaking of creative teachers…Congratulations to this year’s BEF grant recipients.  A strong showing by the Lawrence faculty!  We very much appreciate the ongoing support the Brookline Education Foundation provides for our teachers’ professional learning.

Teacher Grants

1. Dianne Muendel & Pam Tully (Literacy Specialists)
International Literacy Association Conference

2. Erica Paull (Special Education Teacher)
Landmark School Summer Institute

Collaborative Grants

1. Deb Caruso (O.T.):
Training in the Zones of Regulation Program with Suzanne Currle (Gr. 1), Kris Frye (Gr. 1), Jen Heylin (Special Education) & Robin Toback (Psychologist)

2. Ryan Keser (7/8 Science):
Systems Thinking/Systems Dynamics Conference (with 4 other teachers from Baker & Heath)

3. Jonathan Norwood (Gr. 1) & Katy McGraw (Math Specialist):
Deepening Our Understanding of Primary Grade Mathematics with Usha Arthur (Special Education), Nora Carpenter (K), Liz Exton (K), Dominique Ferdinand (K), Jessica Gordon (K), Laura Koplow (Math Specialist), Joanna Lieberman (Gr. 1) & Jillian Starr Coggeshall (Gr. 2)

Reminder: School Council Parent Representatives

Nomination statements for School Council parent representative are due by Friday, May 6 and will be published in the PTO Monday Update.  Elections (if necessary) will take place during the week of May 16.  School Council meets once a month on Tuesday mornings from 8:00-9:00 a.m. with some subcommittee work in between.  For more information go to:

Rick Rogers

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