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Habits for Life: Being on Time

 “Beginning of a great day begins a night before.”
– Sukant Ratnakar

Our school continues to have a nagging tardiness problem.  Over the past three weeks, we have averaged about 30 students late per day.  During the winter months, the average was closer to 50 students.  We can do better.

Even arriving a few minutes late can leave children feeling rushed and flustered. Early morning work and routines help students ease smoothly into their day.  We do hold our students in grades 6-8 accountable with consequences for being late. In grades K-5, however, we look to parents to make this happen.  If you are having difficulty with your child in the morning, please feel free to consult with your child’s teacher or one of our guidance counselors for assistance.

Students are welcome in the cafeteria or main lobby beginning at 7:30.  Hallways open at 7:50 and classrooms open at 7:55.  School begins at 8:00.

Habits of mind aside, let’s build this basic habit for life! 

School Council Parent Representatives

There will be two open seats for two-year terms as School Council parent representative next year.   Nomination statements are due by Friday, May 2 and all candidates will have an opportunity to speak at the May 6 PTO meeting if they choose to do so.  Elections will take place during the week of May 12.  School council meets once a month on Tuesday mornings from 8:00-9:00 a.m. with some subcommittee work in between.

So what exactly is a school council anyway?School councils were established in all Massachusetts schools as part of the 1993 Education Reform Act.  They must include an equal number of parents and educators. Parent representatives are elected by the parents.  At Lawrence, one of the five parent representatives is always a PTO Co-President. According to law, the school council acts in an advisory capacity to the principal on matters related to school improvement and helps to identify school goals and develop the annual school improvement plan.

I value the school council, as a place where parents and teachers can talk together about educational matters.  I believe that school council should focus on the “big picture” of the school community: What kind of school do we want this school to be and how do we get there?  This year, we worked on developing a school-wide self-assessment that will be conducted next fall and inform our future school improvement work.

If you are considering running for parent representative, but have additional questions, please feel free to contact one of our current parent representatives (Florrie Ives, Steve King, Joanna Lieberman, Makeeba McCreary and Charu Puri-Sharma), Vice Principal Monica Crowley or me for more information.

Rick Rogers

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