Happy New Year & Welcome Back!

Happy New Year & Welcome Back!

 A Vision for Technology

As we begin the New Year, what better time is there to be thinking about the future?  As part of our school improvement plan goal to expand the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning, our School Council is working to create a vision statement for technology.   A vision is necessary so we can make sound decisions about how and why technology should be part of a learning experience.  As the saying goes, “For the sailor with no direction, there is no fair wind.”  A vision will help us find direction and avoid the risk of jumping to use the glitziest new app or tool. 

Shown below is our latest draft.  Please note that it is deliberately written to echo our overall school vision statement in order to capture the idea that technology should be in service to teaching and learning – not the other way around.   We welcome your feedback (both substantive or wordsmithing).   You may send your feedback to one of the parent representatives on the School Council or directly to me.   Please send us your comments by Monday, January 11 (before our next School Council meeting on January 12).

Send Us Your Feedback on This Draft!

Amos A. Lawrence School is a safe, just, and caring community and a vibrant learning environment.  Technology should be a ubiquitous tool to enhance this environment by helping students develop the habits of mind, knowledge and skills needed for life-long learning, as they discover and cultivate a love of learning and a voice for self-expression.  Technology should be used as a catalyst for ongoing change in teaching and learning.

At Lawrence School, we use technology to:

  • Develop Learning Skills:  Students learn to be adept and nimble in navigating and utilizing age-appropriate and current technology tools to organize and produce their work and support their learning.  Teachers use technology to engage students in learning and to provide students with the differentiation, support, and challenge necessary to develop and grow.  Families learn to use technology tools to enhance learning at home.
  • Investigate:  Students use technology as a tool to research and find information effectively and efficiently. Students develop their ability to discern the relevance, reliability, and credibility of information found on-line.
  • Create:  Students learn to use and choose from a variety of media to create products and effective presentations in order to demonstrate their learning, to share their ideas, and to express who they are.  Teachers explore and model ways to use technology to transform learning and engage students in demonstrating their thinking, sharing their ideas, and expressing who they are in new ways.
  • Communicate & Collaborate:  Students learn to use digital media and environments to communicate both within the school community and beyond.  Students learn to use technology to collaborate with other learners to explore, learn and create. Students develop cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with leaners in other cultures. Teachers use technology to enhance communication and collaboration with colleagues in order to cultivate reflective practice and excellence in teaching.  Teachers use technology to communicate with and involve parents in their children’s learning.
  • Be Responsible:  Students learn to become good “cyber-citizens,” who interact safely and respectfully with others in a digital environment.  Teachers and parents work in partnership to help students learn to be mindful of protecting themselves and others and maintaining a balanced, healthy use of technology in their lives.

Rick Rogers


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