Opening of School

Opening of School

“All great things have small beginnings.”

      Peter Senge

Last week, we warmly welcomed 669 students to a new school year, including 88 Kindergarten students and 47 new students in grades 1-8.  We also welcomed 25 new staff member (10 teachers / specialists, 2 long-term substitutes, 9 paraprofessionals and 4 interns).

We all felt the benefit of having more space.  Fourth grade students eagerly embraced their brand-new classrooms in our beautiful new wing.  Fifth grade students spread out in more spacious corner classrooms on our second floor.  We reclaimed the music room for its intended purpose (after 6 years).  Our middle school team is pleased to have a dedicated space to teach health, as are our elementary world language teachers are to have a dedicated space to plan and store materials.  A crowded Learning Center has now spread out to two spaces (K-3 and Gr. 3-5).   And our four Literacy Specialists now share a much larger space.

Some of our new staff are the result of growing enrollment as our first four-section class moves into sixth grade.  Most, however, are the result of increases in student services support made possible by last spring’s override, including an increase in guidance counselors (.4 FTE increase), literacy specialists (.4 FTE increase), math specialists (.3 FTE increase), inclusion specialists (.5 FTE increase), and enrichment & challenge specialist (.1 FTE increase, plus a new full-time district coordinator).

The override also brings an infusion of new technology, including state-of–the-art smart board projectors in all of our middle school classrooms (as well as our new fourth grade classrooms). We await the arrival of new carts of Chromebooks that will supplement our existing laptop carts. We will now have the equivalent of a class set of devices for each grade level – increasing the overall access to technology.

There is nothing quite like the first day of school. The anticipation and excitement are palpable. This was my 27th first day of school as a principal and my 34th as an educator. I still get butterflies in the days leading up to opening day, as well as a renewed sense of hope and optimism that comes with a fresh start.

Wishing us all a year of great things!

Rick Rogers

Opening of School Events

Please take note of several opening of school events that are intended to welcome and orient families to our school community.

  • Wednesday, September 9, 8:00 am — New Family Welcome
  • Thursday, September 10, 5:30 pm –Fall Family Picnic
  • Wednesday, September 16, 6:15-8:00 pm — Grades 6-8 Open House
  • Thursday, September 17, 6:00-7:15 pm — Grades K-2 Open House
  • Wednesday, September 30, 6:00  -7:15 pm — Grades 3-5 Open House

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