Presentation for Parents + Caregivers of all Lawrence Students, March 13

Engaging Mathematical Thinkers: Teaching Strategies Used at Lawrence

A Presentation for Parents of all Lawrence Students
Tuesday, March 13, 2018
8:00 – 9:00 am
Lawrence School Library

Presented by Math Specialists: Anu Advani, Laura Koplow and Katy McGraw


At Lawrence School we believe that math is an open, creative and engaging subject.  Our mission as math teachers is to engage all learners in the real practices of mathematics and provide genuine access to meaningful math learning.  We believe that all people can grow in their math learning and that there are many entry points to rich mathematical thinking.

This session, which was recently shared with all Lawrence teachers, presents the purpose and process behind some of the math teaching strategies that we use at Lawrence school to achieve this mission.  Come and learn about how your children engage in math learning and some of the teaching methods used in our K-8 classrooms.  Be prepared to do some math and to learn about ways that you can continue this mathematical thinking with your children at home.  

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