PBS School Health Services Flu Message


January 22, 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians;

There has been much in the news about the Flu this year. We wanted to let you know that while we are aware of a few cases of the Flu, or Flu-like symptoms in Brookline Schools, we have not seen clusters or an appreciable uptick in cases. We are seeing some cases of gastro-intestinal illness in our schools as well, but again, not clusters of illness.

The flu season is expected to continue for at least two months. We wanted to remind you that it is not too late to receive the flu shot, if you have not already done so. Contact your health care provider for more information. Our public health nurse, Barbara Westley, also has some of the vaccine. She can be reached at 617-730-2320 to make an appointment for you or your child to receive the vaccine.

We know that hand-washing is the single best thing we can do to limit or prevent the spread of these illnesses. Soap and water is much more effective than hand sanitizers. For household cleaning it is recommended to disinfect hard surfaces with a bleach solution. ( ½ cup bleach mixed into 1 gallon of water). Below are links to websites with helpful information on Influenza and the Stomach Bug.



We would like to remind you to keep your child home when ill. Please remember to call the school if you are keeping your child home.


Tricia Laham
School Nurse Coordinator of School Health Services

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