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June 22, 2015

This week:  Graduation & Reception(Tuesday), Final Day (Friday).

This week’s Principal’s Corner: End of Year Notes.


The PTO Officers and Board appreciate the time and efforts of everyone who helped make this year a fun and enriching school year. Thank you to all of the organizers and volunteers brought us together at the Fall Picnic, the Food Day Festival, the Japanese Food and Fun Fairs, Family Fun Night-International Expo, the Gr 3-5 Play and PTO Play, Early Release Movies, the Used Book Fair, the Staff Appreciation Breakfast and Luncheons, Family Skate, the Art Show, the Fun Run and the Spring Picnic. Thanks also to those who worked as Library and Art Room volunteers, led the Performing and Visual Arts Councils, ran LSA, the Green Team and the Understanding Our Differences program, and brought us the School Directory, School Photos, T-Shirts, and the Yearbook. Thank you to all of our room parents, who helped to keep us informed all year. Last but not least, thanks to those who helped raising the money we need to support all these activities through the Phonathon and the Auction. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Co-presidents Nagmeh Ansari Varasteh and Florrie Ives will lead the PTO next year along with Vice President and web guru Chris Ternan and Treasurer Ju-Ping “Lily” Lien. We still need a PTO secretary and ideally a third Co-President – ideally a parent from grades K to 3 so that the PTO can better reach these families.

A great big Thank You also of course to Principal Rick Rogers, Vice Principal Laura Horst, our incredible office team of Christine Kohlsatt and Maria Kalaitzidis, and to all the teachers and staff of Lawrence School. The work that they all do for our children is what motivates us to give our time freely to the school.

We hope you all enjoy a beautiful and relaxing summer.


“As we are preparing our move to the Netherlands this summer, our family would like to express our deepest gratitude to the staff and families for the wonderful 10 years spent in the unique and supportive community that is the Lawrence School. Our girls, Livia (now BHS freshman), Mae (7), and Amelie (3L) each attended Lawrence from Kindergarten onwards (the younger two even in BEEP pre-school, also at Lawrence) and will now take the lessons learnt to continue their education in Utrecht. There is no end to the learning done, and the memories made in the years past, not only for our daughters but also for us, thanks to all of you! We think back of all the time spent at this wonderful school with much love and appreciation, from classroom breakfasts, PT conferences and playground chats to putting together newsletters (on yellow paper!) and dressing up for PTO plays. We feel so lucky to have been part of this community, and will miss it very much! Please keep in touch and visit us in Holland! Thank you!

The Van Aarsen Family
Emails: Louise and Jan


Please help us clean up our email list. If you will not be at Lawrence next year, please let us know or just click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of this email.

Directory changes? If you will be moving out of district or have graduated, please contact Pamela Iguchi and ask her to remove you from the Lawrence Directory. All verified users of the online directory will have access through the summer, except for a 2-3 week shutdown period in July for maintenance. Families returning to Lawrence in the fall will receive instructions on how to update/renew a subscription for the 2015-16 school year. We anticipate that access will resume in early August. If returning families choose to, they can log in, edit their information as needed and — especially handy this year — update their child(s) class / teacher assignment for the new year.

Check out our Community Bulletin Board by clicking on the other link below, There are lots of great resources for summer fun to be found, including information on Brookline SmartSummers!

Don’t forget that our Amazon Shopping Link is active year-round. We earned over $1,000 again this year through this program:  enough to cover field-trip bus fare for an entire three-section grade! So if you shop at Amazon, please bookmark this link and use it every time you enter the site.


Brookline’s 2015 Summer Reading lists have been published. Each year the school librarians work together to put the best books of the year on summer reading lists for our students. Lawrence students will each get a hard copy of the list for their grade. Lists can also be found online by following the links below. We hope that students will read widely and enjoy what they read this summer!

  • Brookline Schools’ summer reading lists may be found online here.
  • Lawrence-specific summer reading titles may be seen here.

The Lawrence Latino Cultural Group is working with Art teacher Shelly Magno and Spanish teacher Zoe Kern to put together a student-made collage for Hispanic Heritage Month in September. All students are invited to make a collages related to anything Hispanic: food, music, artists, countries, etc. Students of Hispanic descent are invited to make a collage about themselves and their background. The deadline to submit the collage is the last day of school. Please visit the LLCG website for more information.


Every year at this time the Brookline Education Foundation offers families the chance to say Thank You to Brookline’s wonderful educators. When you donate to the BEF through the Honor A Teacher program, you can name specific faculty to recognize. The BEF will notify those honorees and they are consistently thrilled to receive such meaningful recognition from the community. For details look for the BEF Honor A Teacher card in the mail or simply go online here.

From the Brookline Parent Education Network, the Parents’ Survival Guide for Summer. As we come to the end of the academic year, the busy, ordered structure of school slides into the lazy days of summer. Kids feel looser and parents often relax the rules as vacation mode kicks in. But with more free time and fewer consequences, summer can also be the riskiest time of the year for middle and high school kids. From drug/alcohol experimentation to sexual activity, risky behavior tends to rise with the temperatures, and research shows that young people with unsupervised hours are three times more likely to engage in risky behavior and use marijuana, alcohol and other drugs. B-PEN offers these ideas for keeping adolescents safe this summer while enjoying vacation fun in the sun:

See you in the fall!

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