Monday Update

Hello Lawrence Community,

This is the time of year that we oftentimes reflect on that for which we are thankful. Last week’s PTO Meeting/Principals’ Coffee was one that left many of us in attendance filled with gratitude for our incredibly hardworking teachers and their passionate work, for our talented and supportive administrators, and for our generous community that allowed the teachers to pursue their passions in meaningful ways. 

If you couldn’t make it to the PTO Meeting/Principals’ Coffee last week, here are some highlights… We first heard from Akiko Kawai about the SET-J program and how so many teachers from Lawrence have benefitted from traveling to Japan. They are able to bring this knowledge back to the classroom in innumerable ways. We also had the pleasure of hearing from several teachers about how they used grant money from the BEF (Brookline Education Foundation) to do incredible things. From trips to Ghana, New Orleans, Hopiland and Barcelonaall the teachers were SO VERY THANKFUL for the generosity of the BEF and all had stories to tell about how their trips were life-changing for them personally, but also for the way in which they teach. The lessons they learned through their various adventures filled them with a hands-on knowledge they didn’t have before and they all spoke about how they felt a renewed passion for the subject which was palpable in the classroom. Thank you to all the teachers who took time to share about how grant money has allowed you to do amazing work here at Lawrence. We are thankful for your efforts, energy and continued enthusiasm with our young learners!

We also heard from Christina Grady, the PTO’s VP of Fundraising, about the current Lawrence Legacy Fund and the support received so far has been wonderful. Thank you to everyone that has generously contributed to The Lawrence Legacy Fund (our annual appeal formerly the phonathon). We have received 170 donations to date. This accounts for 35% participation from our parents/caregivers. We are so fortunate to have such incredible support from our community that will directly impact all students at Lawrence. There is still time to donate and make a difference that will last a lifetime. Donations are accepted through the end of our fiscal year which ends on July 31, 2019, but donations made between now and Thursday, November 8 will be matched $25 per donation. There are still 130 donations that can be matched, which works out to an additional $3,250. Let’s not let this additional funding for our students slip away – make your donation today! Thank you for your consideration and continued support.

What else are we thankful for? The DICE (Diversity, Inclusion, Community, and Equity) Committee! They are collaborating among parents and teachers in so many different & wonderful ways. Come to one of the meetings to learn more. The next meeting is on Wednesday, Nov 7th, from 7:30-8:30 AM (note, AM!) in the large Lawrence LEDP room, basement level. We are excited to welcome Keith Lezama (Director of Brookline METCO) and Monifa Salahudin (faculty advisor to the Lawrence Young Scholars Program), who will be joining us for a discussion of current METCO initiatives and programs. All members of the Lawrence community are welcome.

Have your kids lost any teeth recently? Well, lucky you, because Tuesday, November 6th is Picture Day! 

Another fun fact is that this coming weekend is a 4-day Weekend for students. Friday, November 9th is a Professional Development Day for staff and school is closed. Monday, November 12th is Veteran’s Day and a holiday. Enjoy the family time everyone!
And… just so it’s on your radar… we will be having Early Release Movie Days on the following days: Wednesday, November 28th, Thursday, Dec. 6th & Wednesday, December 12th. The cost to watch the movie is $8… please stay tuned for more details (i.e., how/when to sign up). Want to help? You can sign up now to be a parent volunteer. Volunteers are needed from 12-1 and 2-3. Please email Adrienne Fricke at to sign up to volunteer. Due to the way early release days are scheduled this year, we are only hosting movies this fall. There won’t be any in the spring because it will be too disruptive for the older students still in classes after the younger students are released. So, the takeaway is… SIGN UP THIS FALL!

Lastly (I promise!), if you are looking for resources related to parenting (oh, the joys!), please check out the B-PEN website if you haven’t already. They have articles and information on tons of topics including Middle School Tips for Cyber Safety, Setting Limits, Vaping, and The Challenges of Parenting Tweens- just to name a few. 

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