May 8 Override Election

When Brookline heads to the polls on Tuesday, May 8, we’ll have a chance to vote on two tax measures that will impact the future funding of Brookline Public Schools:

  • Question 1, the “Operating Override,” will generate about $5.9 million for ongoing Brookline Public Schools expenses and $700,000 for other town departments by raising property taxes on homes by 3.1% over three years.
  • Question 2, the “Debt Exclusion Override,” will help fund the expansion and renovation of Brookline High School and surrounding facilities, including the Evelyn Kirrane Aquatic Center, the Unified Arts Building, the 66 Tappan Street Gym, and Cypress Field, via a temporary tax increase. Over four years, this will add up to a 5.6% increase, with the exact figure depending on the cost of borrowing.

Polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. So, set a reminder, tell a friend, and let’s make Lawrence voices heard!

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